Homemade Tote Bag Ideas

7 Homemade Tote Bag Ideas

If you're crafty or have a talent for sewing, these homemade tote bag ideas will inspire you with fun, stylish creations for your next project. Even if you're not an expert seamstress, however, you can still get ideas for simple totes to make. Many patterns are simple, and low-sew or no-sew versions of this versatile type of bag are available, too.

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Cute Cloth Market Totes

Plastic bags and paper sacks don't offer the durability and style of a cute cloth market tote. Four different styles of totes are included in this pattern by Butterick.

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Recycled Wrapper Totes

Recycled wrapper totes and bags have become a popular trend. From candy to juice boxes to snack wrappers, this colorful plastic is getting new life instead of filling landfills. Although you can purchase these totes, you can also make them yourself with carefully cleaned wrappers. Browse YouTube for tutorials on making juice box and candy wrapper bags.

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Quilted Totes

Many companies offer quilted totes, and with their fun, feminine feel, it's no wonder that patchwork purses and totes are popular. Consider instead creating fabulous patchwork totes that you personalize with your own flair.

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Denim Tote

Before you toss those old jeans, consider reinventing them as a tote bag. Turn embellished jean pockets into a glamorous accent on a casual bag. Durable denim washes well, and recycling old jeans means less fabric to purchase for the tote. You can even add cute embellishments, like ribbon or a big flower to make a truly one-of-a-kind tote.

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Structured Tote Bags

Although there is plenty of merit in a casual, slouchy tote, making a structured tote style can give you a fresh new look. Structured totes appear more polished and are often easier to organize while still maintaining ample room.

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Knitted and felted Tote Bags

If you can knit, or are willing to learn, there is a wide range of knit tote bag patterns available to create your own cozy carryall. Soft knit totes are especially appropriate in cooler weather, but light colors and lighter patterns can also make them work in the warmer months as well.

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DIY Water-Resistant Totes

Cloth totes are perfect for everyday wear, but when you need a tote that is water-resistant, you may want to consider other materials. Vinyl, rubber and plastic materials are durable and easy to clean. These materials might be easier to make a tote of than you might think!

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Homemade Tote Bag Ideas