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Hawaiian Beach Bags

Blue beach back

Nothing says summer more loudly than Hawaiian beach bags. Whether you go to an actual beach or just want a bag to hold poolside essentials, there are many options if you want an island-themed bag.

Types of Hawaiian Beach Bags Themes

There are several options available in beach bags that will make you feel like you are touring around the islands.

  • Hawaiian Prints: There are many beach bags available with Hawaiian print material. Think about the bold floral shirts worn on trips to Hawaii and you'll easily picture what one of these beach bags looks like. The bags might have multiple colors or, alternately, have a solid background with a colorful floral print. For example, a bag might be white with red flowers or red with white flowers. Colors tend to be bold and bright and usually are blue, red, yellow, green or fuschia.
  • Single Flower: If you enjoy a simpler look in your beach bag, you may want to opt for a single habiscus or other Hawaiian flower printed on top of a solid color material. The flower is usually fairly large and might rest in the lower right or left corner of the bag.
  • Hawaiian Sunset: Hawaii is known for her beautiful sunsets. Another option for a Hawaiian-themed beach bag is to get a clear tote and tuck a pretty sunset print into the side. Some totes are made to put a variety of pictures in photo inserts on the front. These can be picked up inexpensively at Walmart and hobby stores. You may be able to put several different Hawaiian settings into these pockets or even a series of smaller postcards.
  • Floral Embellishment: If you already own a basic solid-colored or striped beach bag, but want to give it a Hawaiian theme to make it trendier, you may want to add a floral embellishment like in the photograph above. A hibiscus flower is easily recognizable as a Hawaiian favorite. Look for silk varieties at your local craft supply store. You may want to add a stain and water repellent spray to keep the flower from wilting should it get splashed with water or rained on.

Favorite Hawaiian Bag Designs

There are a few designs that just scream Hawaii and are unique and interesting enough that you can be sure that you'll be the only one to have a particular tote.

  • Aloha Paradise Tote: This beach tote offers a beach view print with hula dancers and tropical palm trees in lovely shades of clue, green, and pink. The sequins add a little bling.
  • Canvas Print Totes: These totes are quite popular in Hawaii, but you can order them no matter where you live. For a true Hawaiian theme, you can buy one with a floral print. However, you'll also find prints like turtles and sea shells.
  • Personalized Pink Bag: This monogrammed pink Hawaiian print tote is perfect for the girly girl. The interior lining is leak proof and you can choose to have your initials monogrammed in the thread color of your choice.

These are just a few of the many different designs available in Hawaiian beach bags. If you can't find a print that you love, you may even want to experiment with sewing your own drawstring bag with material Hawaiian print material.

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Hawaiian Beach Bags