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Hard Case Wallet

Cigarette case used as a hard case wallet

Sleekly modern or with a sharp retro style, the hard case wallet may not be used as frequently as its cloth or soft leather colleagues, but when you realize how functional it is without being too heavy, you may start making a case for it!

The Standard Hard Case Wallet

Most hard case wallets are slim and rectangular in shape. They can open and lie flat, which traditionally made them very convenient when people carried their checkbooks as a matter of course. They can still accommodate checkbooks if need be, or pads for making notes, but they will usually have handy slots for credit cards, ID and cash. Some modern wallets will even have a removable strap, so they can function as a tiny purse on an evening out.


There are plenty of cute, practical wallets available either in shops or online. You can choose designs from classy to wild and pretty much anything in between.

At My Jewel Thief, which provides bags and jewelry to the public at wholesale prices, you can get the Metropolitan Designer wallet, which measures 7x4 and comes in nine colors, all with faux animal skin designs. It's inexpensive and highly rated.

The Tog Shop carries the Slim Line hard case. Only a half-inch thin and 7x4, it fastens with a snap clasp and has organizer slots and pockets. You can get it in a range of fabric prints or embossed faux leather.

The Volcom Venom hard case wallet is available on Amazon, and it's small enough to fit in a bag, but also snazzy enough to be carried on its own. In faux snakeskin with a metal frame, it features a card case, ID sleeve, cash sleeve and even a coin purse.

Vintage Style Wallets

Back in the day, a real lady did not carry a wallet, but she did carry a cigarette case. In it, she kept her cigarettes, along with some cash and her key. As women became more independent - as well as life becoming more complicated and requiring more stuff be carried around - those who liked to show some edge in their style found those vintage cigarette cases made excellent wallets. And they still do. The squared-off cases can be tiny, but all are large enough to hold cash, some credit cards and ID. Bigger ones will of course let you tuck in a few other necessaries. But those who sport such wallets will be the first to say that what really makes them so fantastic is that they are so sleek and stylish. When you whip one out, it really makes a statement. Men use them as well, particularly to carry business cards.

Modern Cases in Retro Designs

If you like the look of a vintage cigarette case and can't find one that is in good shape or exactly suits you, a lot of modern cases can be found in retro designs.

Pin-up Girl Clothing has cases that are more on the funky than classy side, but they are very fun. You can also try Retro A-gogo for a wide collection of slightly larger cases.

For something slightly classier and chic, try Kyle Designs, which has a collection of art deco inspired cases. They are mostly designed for business cards, but these can be large enough to hold some cash and credit cards as well.

If you don't want to risk buying something too small by shopping online, check out places like vintage clothing shops and even museum stores for card cases that can easily double as a wallet. You are sure to find the one that works for you - and you won't have to worry about it tearing or wearing out!

Hard Case Wallet