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Green Patchwork Handbag

Green patchwork handbag

For a look that's funky and boho and bright, there's not much that beats handbag of green patchwork. You can find them in the highest-end shops, thrift stores, or get creative and make one yourself.

Finding a Green Patchwork Handbag

Although high-end and popular designers make handbags featuring green patchwork designs, when you're looking for something funky, you might have better luck checking out slightly more eclectic sources. A very cute green patchwork bag is available through a site called, appropriately, Just Cute Bags. This is an auction site through eCrater. The bag on offer screams "spring" and is a lovely lime green with a floral patchwork overlay. You can also get a matching checkbook wallet.

On the more familiar auction site of eBay, if you search for patchwork bags by Lilly Pulitzer, dozens of beautiful bags will come up at prices far lower than they would have been at full retail. If you're familiar with Lilly Pulitzer's clothes and accessories, you know that it's all good quality and the designs are eye-catching and dazzling. When a bag is this much fun to carry, it doesn't matter that it was first sold one, two or even three seasons ago. You're going to want to carry it until it falls off your shoulder.

Artistic Handbags in Green Patchwork

Always a good source for quality products from around the globe, Cost Plus World Market offers patchwork handbags from India made from cotton saris. Dazzling enough for evening, fun and breezy enough for a summer's day, the bags come in blue, brown and red patterns as well as green. You can grip the round wooden handle or slip it over your arm, but either way, you will be noticed.

At Hip and Zen, a shopping source that specializes in environmentally sound and fairly traded products, you can buy a handmade mohair patchwork bag with green, mustard, red and brown patches. The bags combine mohair, beading and wire work. They are made by a group of women in Cape Town, South Africa, who have gained some financial independence by making their products available for sale. So not only will you have a unique bag, you'll be supporting an excellent cause.

Make Your Own Green Patchwork Handbag

When it's a distinctive bag you're after, you can't do any better than to channel your own inner artisan and try your hand at making the bag yourself. A patchwork bag is one of the easiest to try to make, even if you're not very crafty. Fabric stores will always have interesting patchwork prints from which to choose, although to be really unique, you should look for fun remnants and make your own patches, just like in the days when a patchwork quilt was made of salvageable bits of fabric from clothes that were otherwise worn out.

You almost don't need a pattern, but since following a pattern usually makes for a better bag, try any of Linda McGehee's patterns at Ghee's. Not only can you get a pattern, you can also get materials for framing, hardware, chains, notions and whatever else you may need, including advice if you click the "Contact Us" link.

Whatever you choose to sport, rest assured you'll look fun and chic.

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Green Patchwork Handbag