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Taking care of your bag is important, and a handbag caddy can help keep your purse looking clean and beautiful.

Types of Handbag Caddies

There are three popular types of purse caddies. One is an organizational unit designed to keep handbags stored safely and make them easily identifiable. Another type of caddy is a hook or purse hanger that can be secured to table tops or other hard surfaces to prevent bags from resting on the ground or in other inconvenient spots. Lastly, a variety of companies manufacture removable insert caddies that organize the contents of a purse and can easily be moved to different bags.

Most women can benefit from all these types of caddies. Having your purses in plain view allows women to easily coordinate their bags with their outfits and have a bag appropriate for the occasion in seconds. Storage units keep them separated, clean and organized. Hanging caddies also have many advantages, including keeping your bag clean, having it easily accessible, and reducing the likelihood of theft (since the purse is quickly reachable and positioned in front of you, it is less likely a bag will be stolen off a caddy than off the back of a chair or on the floor.) Insert caddies not only keep essentials organized and easy to reach, they also transfer easily to a new bag, saving time and stress.

Purse Storage Caddies

Purse storage is important. There are many types of purse organizers available, and women may prefer different units depending on the amount of space they have in their closet, number of bags, and other factors. Caddy storage is often in the form of cubes or boxes. These are often stand alone units that can be positioned on a closet shelf, but there are also hanging caddies with individual storage spaces. Units may be made of canvas, particle board, wood, vinyl, or other materials. Styles may have covers or closures to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on bags while they are being stored.

Storage caddies for bags and purses are sold at many home goods stores and some department stores. Check the following for ideas:

  • Seventh Avenue Purse Caddy: This stylish metal caddy has 11 hooks to display all of your purses. It's like having a gorgeous boutique purse display right in your own home.
  • Clear Hanging Handbag File: This caddy from The Container Store is clear so you can see purses at a glance, and they are covered in individual spaces for protection.

Bag Hanging Caddy

Pewter heart hanger purse caddy
Pewter purse caddy on Amazon.com

Purse hangers or hooks are also sometimes referred to as caddies, and are a popular accessory item. These serve an important functional purpose in keeping handbags clean and safe in restaurants, theaters, offices, and even restrooms. Typically the caddy works by attaching onto any hard surface, and the friction between the bag and hanger keeps the purse aloft. Firm rubber or other gripper pieces keep your bag in place until you want to move it. These are available in many different designs, and run the gamut from very affordable to more expensive and detailed caddy hooks.

You can purchase these at many handbag and accessory retailers. Some popular brands of hanging purse hooks or caddies include:

Handbag Insert Caddy

Joey Junior purse caddy insert
Caddy insert on Amazon.com

Busy women on the go can make the switch between purses easier than ever before by using an organizer purse insert caddy. These are removable pocketed or sectioned purse organizers that can be removed by using handles or simply grabbing the caddy and placing it in a new purse. These keep items in your bag neat, organized, and easy to find. Some popular brands of handbag caddy inserts include:

  • Joey Junior: Large and mini styles of removable purse caddies with slip-access pockets.
  • Purse Pleaser: This caddy is a hard-sided handbag caddy that is easy to remove and stores items upright in an organized way.
  • Porta Pockets: These inserts come in three sizes in a variety of pretty designs.
  • Purse Bling: Here you'll find lots of different styles, sizes, and patterns of caddies to fit almost any purse.
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