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Halloween Handbag

Amy Finley
Halloween Handbags can tote a wide variety of items

A Halloween handbag is a fun accessory for the young and the young at heart. From bold and cute Halloween designs to more subtle touches of spooky spirit, let loose with a bewitching Halloween purse!

Types of Halloween Purses

Since Halloween-themed bags are used only for a short time - typically the weeks leading up to this fun holiday - materials are mostly of the less-expensive variety. These novelty handbags might be made of felt, canvas, imitation leather, or other inexpensive materials. Screened Halloween images, embroidered pictures, or embellished icons of various Halloween images adorn the bags.

Popular Halloween Novelty Purses

Common designs for Halloween handbags include:

  • Black cats
  • Pumpkins
  • Ghosts
  • Witches
  • Cartoon characters, such as Disney villains
  • Candy corn or other Halloween candy
  • Skulls
  • Bats
  • Black spiders

Totes, mini totes, pouches, small drawstring bags, and wristlets are some of the most popular styles of Halloween-themed purses. Orange, black, and green are some of the most popular purse colors for the holiday.

Some eye-catching Halloween handbags include:

A candy corn wristlet: This cute confection can work with virtually any Halloween costume or just a cute bag to carry at Halloween. Available at costume and Halloween retailers like Buy

Mini-cauldron tote: You don't have to be dressed in costume to carry a bewitching bag like this mini black cauldron. Also available at costume retailers.

Handbags with a Hint of Halloween

For a handbag that's more versatile than a novelty bag, but still offers a hint of Halloween, consider a fall handbag one of the iconic colors of the season, like a rich orange suede or a blood-red patent leather. The basic black bag can always work at Halloween, too - add a spooky zipper pull for an added touch of whimsy.

Costume Purses

Many types of Halloween costumes just aren't complete without the perfect purse. Accessories and bags can double as costume purses, such as:

  • Basket - for costumes like Little Red Riding Hood or Dorothy from "Wizard of Oz"
  • Small satin drawstring pouch - for bride, princess, or fairy costumes
  • Structured black bag - great for doctor, nurse, or emergency worker costumes
  • Small fringed purse - perfect for a flapper costume
  • Plush purses - specific types of plush animal purses can be perfectly fitting for costumes. For example, a lamb could be a cute companion for Mary had a "little lamb," a plush poodle purse the ideal addition to a 50s costume, and a colorful horse head purse just right for a cowgirl ensemble.

Where to Buy a Halloween Handbag

Halloween novelty handbags can be purchased at most major discount and dollar stores, as well as many department stores around the holiday. Other places to buy include party stores, Halloween costume outlets, gift shops, other specialty retailers, and online stores.

Check out the following retailers for their selection of Halloween handbags:

Making a Halloween Purse

You don't have to be an expert crafter to come up with a cute purse to wear at Halloween. A simple fabric purse to tote can be instantly transformed into a holiday Halloween bag with the help of a few additions from your local craft store. Iron a Halloween design onto a canvas tote, sew patches onto a cute barrel bag, use glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and Halloween stencils on a mini-messenger bag for an out-of-this world carry-all, or create an instant Halloween classic with themed pins and charms.

Where to Wear

A Halloween handbag can be cute and fun, although not appropriate for every occasion. Show off your purse at:

  • Halloween parties
  • Shopping or around town preceding Halloween
  • Community events/trick or treating
  • Informal Halloween evenings out

Whether you're sporting a purse that complements your Halloween costume or novelty bag that's fun to carry your essentials around in the Halloween season, there are many options to carry a cute and funky bag for the holiday.

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Halloween Handbag