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Funky Laptop Bags

laptop sleeve

Funky laptop bags have thankfully replaced those awful pleather and vinyl black computer bags from the 1980s. Today, laptops are sleeker, faster and more compact than the originals. Likewise, the bags to protect them are more stylish, more colorful and lighter to carry. No matter what your personal style: classic, preppy, playful, conservative, high tech, eco-conscious or colorful, there is a funky laptop bag to match your preferences.

Types of Laptop Bags

Classic Styles in Funky Colors

The classic style laptop bag is the briefcase style. Since most laptops are still used for business purposes, this is a very popular design. Luckily, we are not talking about your father's briefcase. Today's business bags come in a variety of styles and colors - not just boring black. Plus, these bags are designed for road warriors.

Tom Bihn makes a laptop bag that meets TSA guidelines. That means travelers no longer need to remove their laptop from its case at airport security checkpoints. This saves time and headaches when running to catch connecting flights. The Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer comes in a rainbow of colors including bubblegum pink, shocking blue and sedate steel.

Funky Messenger Laptop Bags

Messenger style bags are very functional. They can be easily slung across your back so you have room to maneuver and use your arms and hands freely. Plus they usually have plenty of extra storage space for paper notebooks, cell phones and other items. The one down side to the messenger style bag is that it is rather trendy. Fashion insiders are constantly declaring the messenger bag in or out of style. So if your goal is to have cutting-edge style, this is not the bag for you.

Bags with Functional Funk

If functionality is more important to you than fashion, consider some of the designs at Career Bags. This website carries a large variety of laptop bags. One particularly funky bag is the Laurex Silver Petal bag. It is made of water-repellant PVC and it has space for a PDA, cell phone, and lots of pens.

Backpack Style Laptop Bags

The backpack style laptop bag is stylish and functional. Backpacks are a smart way to carry heavy items, such as notebook computers. They evenly distribute weight across your body so you are less likely to injure your arms, shoulders or back. Tom Bihn makes a backpack laptop bag that has waist straps as well as shoulder straps for additional support and extra security from would-be computer thieves. For truly funky designs, however, check out Lexie Barnes collection. These bags come in wild color combos and bold, eye-catching prints.

The Sleeve

The laptop sleeve is an excellent and fairly new design on the computer bag market. The sleeve serves as a protective wrap so you can place your laptop in your purse, briefcase or tote bag without damaging it. Most laptop bag designers make sleeves including Tom Bihn and Lexie Barnes. You can also find inexpensive laptop sleeves at Ebags.

What to Look for in a Funky Laptop Bag

Since today's laptop bags come in almost any style or color imaginable, choosing a style that fits your personality, lifestyle and wardrobe is not a problem. However, beyond color and form, there are other things to consider when buying a bag for your notebook computer. For instance, consider the weight of the bag before you buy. Some bags are heavy even before you put a computer in them. Make sure you hold the bag and consider its weight when you add your personal accessories.

Also look for compartments and pockets. A highly functioning laptop bag should have a separate pocket for your iPod, PDA and cell phone. Finally, if you are a road warrior, consider the TSA friendly designs or a bag that can be wheeled instead of carried.

Funky Laptop Bags