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First Communion Purse Sets

Amy Finley
Girl with first communion purse

First Communion purse sets make wonderful gifts for this very special occasion. Read on for more information regarding these very particular accessories, including what's available and where to buy.

First Communion: A Day to Remember

The First Communion, also known as the First Holy Communion, is a special rite for which certain Christian denominations participate. The ceremony has its roots in Roman Catholicism, and culminates in a child's receiving of the sacrament of the Eucharist. After a series of classes or set period of learning about this and other particulars of the faith, children typically have their First Communion between the ages of seven and nine.

Since the occasion is a public proclamation of the child's faith, it is usually an exciting time for families. Parties or gatherings may be planned to celebrate the event, and special clothing is worn by the child. Gifts are often given by close family member and friends.

About First Communion Purse Sets

Sets for Girls and Boys

First Communion purse sets may be given by the parents to be carried and used the day of the ceremony. They are also given as gifts to make the child feel special. While the majority of purses are given to girls as accessories or gifts, a special purse to hold a mass book or other items may be appropriate for boys as well--depending on the style and design.

Girls' Communion purses are typically white, made from a material such as satin, and have pretty accents and delicate touches to go with a Communion dress or gown. Styles may be designed similar to evening bags, small drawstring bags, envelope style shoulder bags, handheld or clutch style purses, or short-handled handbags. Handles may be made form chain, cloth, ribbon, beads, or a combination of materials. Boys' Communion sets are available in black, are often in designed in vinyl or leather, and may include a kit, case, or wallet rather than a purse. Designs for boys may be drawstring bags, wallet-like styles, or small totes.

What a Set Includes

A purse set for a First Communion may consist of only two items, or it may include a number of different gifts. Commonly included items in a set may be:

  • A coin purse that matches the shoulder purse or handbag
  • A matching wallet
  • A rosary
  • A First Communion pin
  • A scapular (devotional shoulder garment)
  • A missal (book of liturgy) or children's mass book
  • Satin or lace gloves
  • Handkerchiefs
  • A special poem

More First Communion Gift Ideas

In addition to purse and wallet sets, there are many other appropriate First Communion gifts available. Since this is a sacred occasion, a commemorative gift is always acceptable. Available gifts and accessories include items such as picture frames or photo albums, religious figurines or plagues, rosaries, religious dolls or plush animals, religious books and bookmarks, a commemorative candle, or a rosary or rosary box.

You can also find personalized and unique gifts such as Holy Communion name bracelets or other jewelry, customized plaques and certificates, prayer pillows, and Communion gift baskets.

Where to Buy Communion Purses and Gifts

Buying purses and gifts for a First Communion is easier than ever before with the Internet. Hundreds of specialty stores carry religious gifts specific for communion. You can also purchase these items at many religious book stores. If you are looking for only a purse and wallet or coin purse, you can try department, craft, or bridal stores for appropriate styles.

The following sites sell First Communion handbags, gifts, and accessories:

Caring for First Communion Purses and Gifts

Since First Communion purses and gift sets honor a very special moment in a child's life, they should be well-cared for. Parents can help children dedicate a special place, such as a small basket in a dresser drawer or closet, to keep their purse and gift items. Items that will be re-used, such as the rosary or mass book, can be stored within reach. If the purse will be saved as an heirloom, store it in a dry area in a cedar box or other storage areas appropriate for cloth or delicate materials.

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First Communion Purse Sets