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Athletic-inspired accessories like fastpitch softball purses are becoming more popular than ever, and showing your love of the game is quick and easy considering the number of merchants offering sports purses and accessories.

Who Wears Them?

While you won't see women predominantly carrying handbags adorned with bright softball prints, there is a wide range of women who carry these accessories. From young women involved in the sport to older females who are fans, you'll meet all ages of the female gender carrying these bags.

Types of Fastpitch Softball Purses

Fastpitch softball bags and purses come in a variety of styles. These include small and medium handbags, shoulder bags, box-style purses, bucket style bags, tote bags, and more, as well as wallets and coin purses.

Designs vary, but these purses usually feature the bright yellow fastpitch softball used in the game. Other colors, images, and designs are paired with the balls to make fresh, sporty patterns. Black, pink, and white are often used in the purses since these colors harmonize well with the optic yellow.

Where to Purchase

Although softball purses are considered a specialty item and may not be found in standard department store purse and accessory sections, the Internet has made shopping for purses like these much easier. The following sites offer softball handbags, purses, and bags in various styles.

  • Kenz Larenz sells a cute fastpitch softball tote that's perfect for coaches and players alike.

Custom-Made Fastpitch Softball Handbags

If you can't find the purse or bag you want or even the right style, another alternative is a custom-made purse. Although the cost often increases with special-order or handmade bags, you will ensure you get just what you're looking for. You can often specify how large you want your bag, what organizational features you're looking for, and the design you want.

Making Your Own

If you are the crafty type, still another alternative is to fashion your own purse. Many tote patterns are simple enough to attempt even for novice sewers. Check fabric or craft stores for softball fabrics sturdy enough to be used for a handbag. Or, purchase plain fabric purses or totes and use fabric paints to create softball designs. For those involved in the sport, you could even incorporate your team's name or logo, crating a cute and fun bag that also represents part of who you are.

Personalizing your Handbag with Fastpitch Softball Accessories

If you want to show your love of fastpitch softball without sporting a handbag with the design, you can still personalize your bag with a more subtle support of the sport. Keychains or purse charms can be clipped or linked onto the handle, zipper pulls, or other parts of your handbag for a special touch to the bag you already own. Softball pins can also be added to purses as emblems. Be sure the purse won't be damaged by pin placement, however -- this is often a decor tactic best reserved for fabric bags.

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Fastpitch Softball Purses