Embellished Clutch Purses

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If you're looking for an extra special handbag to carry for an event, then you'll want to consider embellished clutch purses. For years women have carried simple satin clutch purses to prom, special dinners and other formal occasions, but today's clutches are more interesting than these basic white or black styles.

Features of Embellished Clutch Purses

When it comes to choosing a clutch purse these days, the only limit on styles is your imagination. There are many different features of a decorated clutch, including:


One way to embellish a simple purse is through unique color choices. Clutch purses today don't need to be limited to just black or white, but can come in any color of the rainbow. Purses can be dyed to match a prom dress or made in a fabric that is the favorite color of the woman carrying the clutch. Other options include unique fabric designs, such as animal prints or fuzzy material instead of satin.


For a true embellished clutch purse, you will need to find a clutch that features added elements. These can cover many different types of decoration. Some of the most popular embellishments are flowers and jewels, but the accents can be anything that strikes your fancy. Another popular type of embellishment on a clutch purse is beading. You'll find many styles available. Some may have just a little beading, while others have more intricate beadwork designs.For a vintage look, add a large vintage brooch for embellishment of a simple clutch.

You may also want to create personilzed embellshment. For example, a girl who enjoys hunting might want to add some reflectors to her clutch purse to show off her unique sense of style and personality. A cheerleader might want to add tiny pom poms or miniature megaphones. Craft supply stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby have many small items that you can easily attach with floral wire. Hot glue is not usually a good idea, since the embellishment can fall off and leave an unsightly mark on the purse.


There are also vintage style straw clutches in bright colors and with added embellishments, like this orange clutch available at Etsy. If you have a couple thousand dollars to drop, you may even want to check out the cut crystal clutch by Judith Leiber.


Another aspect to consider is the shape of a clutch. While a simple rectangular clutch may look great with a lot of embellishment, a clutch that is in the shape of a triangle may only bear one small brooch or point of interest, if any at all. Clutches can also be round or any other shape.

Where to Find Clutch Purses

While clutch purses are not as readily available as they once were, you can still find a nice selection at most major department stores like Nordstrom's, Macy's, JCPenny, Dillard's and Neiman Marcus. Specialty boutiques and apparel stoes often carry a few clutches as well, but the selection may be limited.

If you are on a budget and enjoy a vintage look, be sure to check out local thrift stores and secondhand clothing shops for possible clutch purse options. Although the choice will be limited at these stores, the savings can be amazing. If you plan to add embellishment to the purse anyway, then spending just a few dollars on a plain clutch might allow you to spend more on items to dress up the purse and make it more interesting. Remember to carefully look the clutch over for any stains and make sure there isn't an odor that is unpleasant.

The best selection of embellished clutches is available through online websites like eBags and Zappos. If you can't find the perfect purse, consider getting a basic satin clutch and embellishing it with pretty broaches, flowers, beads or other decoration.

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