Dinosaur Backpacks

Kid doing his homework surrounded by dinosaurs

Little boys love dinosaur backpacks. In fact, little boys like just about anything with dinosaurs on them, but with the aid of a festive dinosaur bag, your child will be able to stuff loads of supplemental dinosaur paraphernalia and tote it all around town!

Why Kids Love Dinosaur Backpacks

For the same reasons that icons such as Pokémon and X-Men dominate the children's toy industry, kids have a natural attraction to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs designed for children are frequently fun, colorful, and a far cry from the beasts depicted in films like Jurassic Park. Your child may want to decorate his room with triceratops bed sheets and stegosaurus wallpaper, and if he's a real tough-guy, he may carry around a stuffed T-Rex. This is all good and fun for inside the home, of course, but what if your child wants to display his affection for the Mesozoic era outside his bedroom? Perhaps, he would like his little hobby to accompany him to school and, thus, parents find themselves rooting through the shelves at Target, looking for dinosaur-themed lunchboxes, thermoses, and backpacks.

Picking a Favorite Dinosaur

You can find dinosaur items pretty much any place where children's items are sold. Icons such as Barney are on the way out, but the theme of dinosaurs remains a constant in the life of kids. However, perhaps your kid has a favorite dinosaur in mind, and children with favorites can make the art of finding presents a bit more difficult.

He Likes the T. Rex.

If your little tot favors the T. Rex., then The Dinosaur Boutique has a charming backpack dedicated solely to the emblazoned glory of the tyrannosaurus. It comes in two different sizes to suit the smaller set as well as school-aged children. Some children might find this hearty jawed prehistoric monster to be endearing, especially when they notice that image on the front is in 3-D relief.

Other Places to Shop

Parents who are struggling to meet the extensive needs of a birthday or Christmas list will find relief in the fact that you can find just about anything on Amazon.com. Just type "dinosaur backpacks" into the search bar and you'll find an intense list of results. Everything from favored dinosaur icons to multi-dinosaur knapsacks are available for relatively affordable prices. Children who prefer not to be sporting around backpacks that feature bloodthirsty tyrannosauruses can now relax with a delightful stuffed T. Rex backpack. Though this dinosaur is less likely to increase your child's fascination with his hobby, the backpack is harmless, huggable, and much more inviting in a nursery setting.

Nurture a Love of Dinosaurs

Hardcore dinosaur fans should check out museum gift shops for the best in dinosaur items. There are several museums nationwide that feature prehistoric-related exhibits, and their gift shops contain a wealth of dinosaur items. Likely, as your child grows older, his love of talking plush triceratopses may evolve into something more raptor worthy and less cartoonish.

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