Designer Wine Tote

Quilted Silk Wine Tote
Quilted Silk Wine Tote

A designer wine tote is an ideal fusion of sophistication and elegance. This luxurious bag instantly dresses up the traditional wine bottle gift and gives it a fresh, unexpected spin. The result is a gift that's both well-received and guaranteed to be used for years to come.

The Gift of Wine

Wine is one of those gifts that is well-rounded and usually received with great appreciation. Sure, it may not require much thought or time on your part, but that doesn't mean the sentiment is any less than it would be with another type of gift. Wine makes an outstanding gift for a boss, business associates, friends, and even family members. Of course, a bottle is also ideal for the quintessential wine connoisseur.

The Right Wine

Sure, a great bottle of wine is festive, thoughtful, generous and delicious. The expert gift-giver, though, knows that finding the perfect present is only half the battle. The real fun begins after the gift has been selected. When wine is concerned, that task might be a bit more challenging than, for example, purchasing a scented candle. After all, wine is luxurious and decadent. It's pulled out on special occasions, used to celebrate major events, collected by die-hard enthusiasts and enjoyed for its vast health benefits, as well. It's for these reasons that careful thought should be given to selecting the right wine for the intended recipient. Visit CNN Travel for some excellent tips on selecting the wine that's most appropriate for your acquaintance or loved one. Then you can get started on the fun part: Dressing it up.

Dress it Up

two glasses of wine for a designer wine tote
Choose beautiful packaging for this extravagant gift.

There's nothing better than watching someone's face light up as he or she unwraps the present you've just handed them. It's even better, though, when the gift's wrapping is just as well-received as the gift itself! Ask anyone who's ever meticulously unwrapped a gift just to ensure the paper doesn't tear. Packaging is often just as noteworthy as the gift.

Wine, in particular, can be plenty of fun to pack. Designer wine totes are absolutely ideal for this purpose! The discerning wine drinker will likely appreciate the thought and time you put into making the gift as special as possible. Those who aren't familiar with these stylish wine cases are in for a treat. Finding the right wine tote bag in a vast collection of chic, fashionable designs can be just as fun as shopping for a new Louis Vuitton or Fendi handbag!

The Many Styles of the Designer Wine Tote

Wine totes are more than just aesthetically pleasing. These useful bags are also extremely functional, featuring extra elements that make the wine-drinking process a completely new experience. Not only are they ideal for presents, they also serve as unique carrying cases for toting wine to parties, concerts, weddings and other major events. These selections will likely appeal to someone on your list - even if that someone happens to be you!

  • Dooney & Bourke Wine Bottle Picnic Tote: Anyone who loves designer handbags will adore this outstanding Dooney & Bourke wine tote. Available in four colors, ranging from an audacious red to a demure tan, this spacious case holds two bottles and features a convenient shoulder strap.
  • Encore Wine Tote: Think classic and upscale. This elegant wine tote is just made for the distinguished gentleman or sleek, stylish woman who appreciates the finer things in life. Available in black, the tote is insulated and includes a stainless corkscrew and nickel-plated bottle stopper.
  • Bacchus Wine Tote: This carrier is perfect for taking wine to a posh dinner party. Its crocodile embossed exterior is beautiful, and it holds two bottles.

Other Things to Consider

If you're presenting a wine tote to someone as a gift, you can also consider a wine box that can be engraved with the individual's name or inscribed to commemorate the occasion. Personalization services are often offered by small businesses that specialize in wine totes. This gives the gift a unique, personal touch that the recipient is sure to treasure. Don't be afraid to seek out smaller boutiques for your wine accessory needs - their offerings are just as stylish as those from bigger names.

Personalized wine totes need not be expensive, either. Ralphie Bags offer customizable a "Sara" bag: a wine tote that can be customized with your choice of fabrics, at an affordable price to boot.

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Designer Wine Tote