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Cute Purses for Teens

Crystal Schwanke
Teenage girl with handbag

No matter what you're wearing, you can always use a purse to add visual interest and color to your wardrobe choice. Purses need to be functional as well as stylish, though, to accommodate your busy life between going to school, holding down a part-time job, hanging out with your friends, and going on dates.

7 Great Brands for Teens

If you plan to shop online for purses, sometimes it's easier to find what you're looking for if you know which brands cater to teens. While not all the brands mentioned here are teen-specific, they do offer cute, stylish bags in a wide range of prices, perfect for the young buyer. Make sure you consider function as well as fashion when shopping. You'll need to consider purses that will work as well at school and at football games as they will at a trip to the mall. Make sure you look for purses with pockets, protective sleeves for high-tech gadgets and clips for key chains or school IDs.

Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole offers fashion-forward designer handbags at affordable prices. Bags can be purchased from department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom as well as online at the Danielle Nicole website.

  • The Beckett Crossbody is a cute choice because of its two front zip pleats and versatile brown shade that will go with almost anything. It's just under $108.00.
  • The Dylan Backpack is available in black for less than $130.00. It's spacious and features a sleek geometric design.

Michael Kors

For girls who prefer designer bags but have a smaller budget, there's Michael Kors. You can find deals on the Michael Kors site, but don't forget to check other retailers, like Macy's, before making a final decision.

  • The Woven Leather Bucket Bag is available for around $1000. It's available in a neutral solid with a fun weave pattern. The drawstring style and boho chic details combine for a youthful style.
  • The Mercer Leather Crossbody is available for under $300. It's available in several fun styles and colors featuring various sayings like, 'sexy' or 'get happy.' This is a fun style that may make a good gift for a night or afternoon out.

Erin Templeton

Erin Templeton is good for teens because of the small bags meant for wear during fun events and relatively low price (compared to some leather bag designers). The handbags aren't particularly trendy, and instead have a durable, minimalist style, meaning these bags can be treasured and used for years to come.

  • The tgif is just under $200.00 and comes in new leather and recycled leather. Each type of leather is available in several colors.
  • The Festival Pouch costs about $50.00 and comes in caramel or black recycled leather. It's small and designed to be worn crossbody style to outdoor events.


For the teen who has the money to invest in designer purses, look no further than Hammitt Los Angeles. Hammitt offers a number of leather bags with metal details - perfect for the off-beat teen who is looking for an edgier purse.

  • The Nash Clutch is available for about $225.00, and features an asymmetrical zipper and rivet detailing. It comes in 10 colors.
  • The Tony Embossed Cross Body Bag is petite, designed with organization in mind, and available in nine different color combinations ranging from neutral-matches-everything, to bold and noticeable. These are just under $200.00.

Crystalyn Kae

Crystalyn Kae handbags come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and all of them are made from a blend of fabric and recycled leather. Bright colors and fun, patchy designs are available alongside classic styles like hobos, offering great looks for any teen. The larger handbags and totes can also be functional and cute for teens during the school year.

  • The Hobo Bags are just under $200.00 and come in a wide variety of colors. They're perfect for teens because they're small enough not to be too cumbersome to manage at the same time as a backpack, and large enough to carry the essentials.
  • The Vegan Bags are perfect for the girl who enjoys the look of leather but doesn't want the real thing. Vegan styles are available in tote and hobo styles, each in several colors. They're water-resistant, machine-washable, and cost about $200.00.

Kate Spade

Another designer name with cute purses teens will love, Kate Spade offers a range of styles within the $200.00 to $300.00 range. These purses tend to come in the latest color combinations and always look polished and pretty.

  • The Watson Lane Boho Floral (just over $325.00) is available in black with a blue floral pattern. Carry it with the shoulder strap or as a tote. It's roomy and has double slide pockets and a zipper pocket and it's made of poplin canvas with a leather trim.
  • The Make It Mine collection takes mini backpacks and purses to a new level. You buy one base in either a clutch style or cross body style and then you can buy as many flaps as you want. The appeal is that you can instantly change your look with a new flap without having to buy a whole new purse - perfect for the budget conscious teen. The clutch base is under $260 and the cross body base is under $330. Each flap runs between $40 and $100 depending on the details.

Retailers Offering Cute Purses

In addition to the aforementioned brands, you'll probably have great success finding cute purses at stores geared towards teenagers. Try the following retailers:

  • American Apparel: There is a good mix of classics in neutral tones and brighter, more unusual pieces here, in a variety of price points from around $20 to over $200.
  • Hollister: You'll find the trendiest styles and shapes here. Look for bucket bags, totes, and backpack styles, almost all of which are under $50.
  • Roxy: Look for a surfer-girl vibe with these beach-inspired bags. There are totes, shoulder bags, cross body bags, and more, priced between about $20 to $50.
  • Aeropostale: You'll find affordable, casual options here, in the form of bucket bags, backpacks, totes, and other styles. Expect to spend around $20 to $40 for most designs.
  • Forever 21: Here, you'll find more trendy, budget-friendly options. Find totes, clutches, satchels, and several other designs starting at under $5 for totes and up to about $65 for genuine suede bags.

You don't have to purchase your purses from teen-driven stores, though. You can also try shopping at department stores and discount retailers including like Macy's or Nordstrom. Those stores have a nice mix of styles and price points.

Designer Bag Warning

Clearly there are plenty of cute purses available for teens, but some gals are especially fond of high-end designer handbags. There's nothing wrong with that, particularly since they're so prominent on television programs and in magazines geared toward teenagers. The price tags, of course, are typically astronomical. So what's a girl to do?

Resist the temptation to score so-called "cheap" designer bags on eBay - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Visit stores that specialize in marked-down designer goods, such as Filene's Basement and Loehmanns. You may not find the Versace or Marc Jacobs bag you've been daydreaming about, but the selections at these stores are upscale enough to satisfy a designer appetite.

Find Your Perfect Purse

No matter what your preferences are, there are tons of purses out there for you. Do you prefer classics in colors that go with just about everything, or do you like to switch it up and use a different purse each day to accessorize your outfit? Does your purse need to last a few years, or will you be fine replacing it after a few months? Decide what's important to you in a bag, then go out shopping for the best price. What you're looking for may not be the same as what's on your friend's checklist.

Cute Purses for Teens