Cute Funky Handbags

Yellow Nadja by Blumera Handbags
Yellow Nadja by Blumera Handbags

In today's continually expanding marketplace, there's no shortage of cute funky handbags. Although tastes in handbags and fashion vary widely, the style of a cute professional bag or sturdy casual weekender is very different from that of an adorable funky handbag . It's something out of the ordinary, a bit edgy, and with a bit of flair. Funky bags can be bold and bright, making a statement, or they can be unobtrusively different with a hint of personality.

Where to Find and Buy Cute Funky Handbags

Today women have more choices than ever before for finding handbags with pizzazz to reflect their personal style. From small bags with sleek urban appeal to retro reproduction bags to totes with crafty country funk, find exactly what you want with a shopper's best friend - the Internet. Following are some great places to check for stylish purses that aren't your everyday bags.

  • Etsy: This online marketplace is home to numerous artists and entrepreneurs who sell amazing handbags you won't find elsewhere. Some venders even offer custom work on request.
  • Vendula London: The handbags at this shop are certainly cute and imaginative. If you're looking for a bag designed to resemble a flower shop or a cat cafe, this store has that and more.
  • Kate Groves Handbags: Cute, very girly, very funky small handbags. Feather and sequins and color.
  • Cuffz by Linz Handbags: Linz Shelton designs bags that are a celebrity funk favorite. Handcuffs incorporated into glam evening bags.
  • Blumera Handbags: Handmade leather bags in wonderful colors and unique designs. The designer has obtained inspiration from her extensive travels, love of color and love of life.
  • Henrietta's Handbags: Get funky handbags by theme; animal, jeweled, feathered and other creations are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and prices.

Funky Colored Bags

Image of a cute, funky-colored handbag

Color is a primary statement maker in a handbag. While the professional look often leans toward muted colors and neutrals, unique bags often make a statement with color. Things that can make a bag something out of the ordinary include:

  • Bright, bold colors
  • Rich jewel tones
  • Multiple colors and patterns
  • Color contrasts
  • New and different shades
  • Funky color mixtures like olive and lime

This is not to say that a black or brown bag can't be cute and funky; just to point out how a bag's color can affect it appeal.

To choose a funky colored bag, think of the colors you love and what makes you feel great. Have a penchant for bubblegum pink? Pick up a funky pink barrel bag in that color. Is sunny yellow more to your liking? A bright yellow tote with contrast stitching and oversize hardware might fit the bill.

Bag Shapes and Sizes

Cute funky purses are found in a variety of sizes, and sometimes it is the size itself that lends that edge of difference. Oversized, unstructured bags can give a distinctive funky look, while mini satchels and drawstring bags can be cute and offer a welcome change from standard practical sizes. Consider:

  • Boxy bags
  • Asymmetrical bags
  • Bucket styles
  • Tiny clutches
  • Anything that grabs your fancy that is different from the standard mid-size shoulder bags

Many small handbag designers will custom-make bags to your specifications, too, so if you don't find the funky bag you want, you can choose the shape, size, and fabric or pattern color to achieve the perfect cute funky handbag.

For more on deciding on the a cute bag that's right for you, read this interview with Sam Saboura from ABC's Extreme Makeover on Your Bag and Your Body Type or hear from Pam Esty What Your Handbag Says About You.

Embrace Your Personal Style

Finish off the perfect outfit with funky or cute handbag. With the wide selection of colors, styles and materials to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect bag for your tastes and needs.

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Cute Funky Handbags