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Coin Purses

Samantha Lease
Woman putting change in coin purse

From fun and flirty styles to purely functional ones, there are a variety of coin purses available to meet your needs. Not only can they hold your change and keep it from falling to the bottom of your purse, many have slots for your cards and even a place for receipts. Even though they are small in size, these little purses are an ideal accessory to keep you organized.

Stylish Coin Purse Styles

There are many different types of coin purses available, so whatever your preferences, you can find one that is perfect for you. Many times a coin purse is so much more than just a little thing to hold your coins. They are now stylish, customizable, and often serve other purposes than just holding some loose change. Popular styles include:


Zip-top coin holders come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. From cotton to leather, these come in many shapes including square, circular, and even fun shapes. Some styles to add to your collection include:

  • Vera Bradley Coin Purse: This adorable mini coin purse is super playful and for the young at heart. Available in two different highly colored patterns, each with a floral print and a cute fox accent, this cloth zip-top coin purse features a small fox on the front, and a clear cutout on the back for you to put your ID or a picture of your loved ones. It can also fit a little bit of paper money. This coin purse is perfect for students on the go, and it retails for about $18 and is 5"W x 3"H.
  • Marc Jacobs Coin Purse: Available at Bloomingdales, this top-zip coin purse lives up to its purpose. With zero compartments inside, this leather coin purse is perfect for storing loose change that is otherwise just laying at the bottom of your bag. Available in black and lilac, this purse is about $120, but you are paying for its high quality leather. It also features a key ring for easy attachment to either inside or outside of your handbag. Perfect for any fashionista who wants to splurge with all that extra spare change she saved.
  • Fossil Leather Coin Purse: Looking for a cheaper version of the above-noted Marc Jacobs coin purse? This beautiful zip-top purse by Fossil is your alternative. Although tiny, it can fit some cash and a lipstick, because let's be honest, that's all you really need. Made with genuine leather, this coin purse comes in raspberry, brown, and black, and it is priced at a cool $35.
  • Natural Life Recycled Change Purse: Available for just $5, this adorable floral print zip-top change pouch is made of recycled water bottles and features a resin zipper. It also has a fun 'Be Happy' design on the front to keep you smiling.

Clasp Enclosure

Easy to quickly snap open and click shut, coin purses with a traditional metal clasp enclosure are popular because of their ease of use. These are usually square, rectangular, or have a slightly rounded bottom. Leather is a popular material for these types of coin holders, and they are typically lined with a soft or satiny material in a coordinating color. Clasp enclosure purse options include:

Ultimo Wallet
Tony Perotti Ultimo Euro Framed Coin Purse
  • Tony Perotti Ultimo Ladies Euro Framed Coin Purse: Priced at around $40, this stylish, Italian-made coin holder is available on It has a rich, leather-lined interior and an easy-to-open snap top closure. This purse is durable enough to keep your coins and money safe. It comes in a beautiful cognac color.
  • Unique Bargins Embroidered Coin Purse: This is truly a gem of a purse! Super chic with its floral embroidery, this little coin purse is available in four colors: black, gray, purple, and red; and all colors feature intricate floral embroidery. Perfect for those who covet a bohemian look, this clasp coin purse is made of polyester and priced at $10.
  • Katloo Kiss Lock Change Purse: This red leather change purse is priced just under $10. It has a ball clasp closure at the top and a metal frame for structure. This elegant, retro-feel change purse also is sized just right for change and small essentials, and comes with a bonus nail clipper.

Multipurpose Organizer

Some coin holders come with an organizer section to hold a few credit cards and other items. These multipurpose pouches are small enough to fit into your purse, making them ideal for anyone to carry. Some even have wristlet straps, keeping you from having to carry a purse on some occasions. Some styles to check out are:

  • Michael Kors Mercer Coin Purse: This small coin purse comes in five colors, all in pebble leather. Two stand outs are yellow and pale metallic gold, and it retails for about $58. This purse doubles as a wristlet, and it has an ID window on its back, as well as three credit card slots. The wristlet strap is removable, so this purse is super convenient and multifunctional. Perfect for a night out of dancing, when you don't want to carry a purse, you can just keep this around your wrist. Definitely for the fashion conscious, this versatile item may very soon become your trusted daily companion.
  • Hobo Aura Compact Case: This is a fabulous multipurpose coin purse. Available in five vibrant leather colors, this compact purse comes with a top clasp closure, features plenty of slots for credit cards, an ID window, and is lined in a floral pattern. This is perfect for those who want an all-in-one type of wallet. It is about $80.
  • Heiress Pik Me Up Coin Case: By Buxton, this coin case and ID holder comes in seven colors for about $12 each. It features an interior storage area, exterior zipper pocket, a removable ID holder, and two credit card slots. This coin holder is compact but can hold all your necessities in a safe and organized fashion.

Round Coin Purses

Shape matters, and it is your preference as to which is your favorite. Round is a lovely option and a very popular shape for coin purses. Below are some round stunners:

  • Leatherology Round Coin Pouch: A round coin purse is totally a matter of taste, so if round is your thing, this Leatherology coin purse comes in 15 colors and it also has a monogram option. For those who love their initials, or those who want to give a thoughtful gift, this purse is about $25 plain and about $40 monogrammed.
  • Fossil Keely Zip Coin Pouch: This Fossil change purse is a great option for those who are not interested in buying leather. Instead, this purse is made of coated canvas with a polyurethane trim for about $30. With its different hues of blue, this change holder is perfect for those who love the beach, or for a more crisp option, choose the white and black version.
  • Round Squeeze Change Purse: This design is fast and functional thanks to its stylish leather squeeze design. Available for about $22 in black, brown, or red, it has a fun pinwheel design when closed and measures just under three inches in diameter.

Fun Shaped Coin Purses

Coin purses don't have to be boring! Today, many are very fashionable and cute, and they are meant to be shown off and to stand out. Below are some styles that stand out from the rest:

  • Brighton Graffiti Coin Purse: This heart-shaped leather coin purse is a bold beauty. On the front it has colorful graffiti and features a woman with the word 'Paris', and the back features a white background with hearts outlined in black. It's priced at around $48 and it is truly a work of art.
  • J. Crew Lemon Coin Purse: This is the cutest little coin purse. With its fun shape and vibrant yellow leather color, it is a must have for those who need a little refresher in their bag. It also features a hook clasp so that you may attach it to a ring or strap on the outside of your purse for a little extra flair. For about $30 it is a delicious find.
  • Lily Bloom Novelty Coin Purse: This small coin purse doubles as a key fob, perfect for those who want a cute accompaniment to her bag or key ring. It comes in three designs: popsicle, bumble bee, and flip flop, for about $12.
  • Zip It Monster Face: This fun change purse can be attached to the zipper of your bag for easy access, and features a fun monster face in bright orange, pink, or blue. The mini pouch is made completely of a zipper, and it is large enough for mints, lip balm, and change. It is machine washable so it's easy to care for. It's sold for about $9.
  • Clava Heart: This cute little purse features a side zip and is priced around $18. It comes in black and red. It is ideal for holding change, bills and small belongings in a whimsical way, and can even be personalized with initials.

High End Coin Purses

Sometimes it's just the little things in life, and sometimes you are just craving something small, new, and expensive. Luckily there is no shortage of designer coin purses. With choices so stunning, you won't want to hide these beauties in your purse:

Givenchy Pandora Cube Pouch at Barneys New York
Givenchy Pandora Cube Pouch
  • Givenchy Pandora Cube Pouch: For the unconventional person, or the person who has everything, this coin purse is perfection. Unique, trendy, and fun, this leather top-zip closure pouch can fit your coins, a lipstick, some cash, and whatever else you can think of that is 3.5" all around. This designer cube retails for around $390 and comes in light pink, yellow, chocolate, and light blue.
  • Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse: This Louis Vuitton top-zip coin purse is available in so many different varieties of colors and fabrics. The epi leather version is about $470, the monogrammed leather is about $605, and the canvas versions are about $390. This purse fits in your back pocket, has 4 credit card slots, and two separated change compartments. Available in denim, supple red, and classic LV monogrammed colors, this coin purse is ideal for those addicted to fashion.

Small Yet Functional

Coin purses are a must-have for any woman to own. These small accessories hold change and cash and many can hold your lipstick and credit cards. Whether you prefer to carry one in lieu of a purse or keep one filled with change tucked inside your handbag, these little purses serve a purpose.

Disclosure: The writer received samples of some of the coin purses described in this article.

Coin Purses