Cherry Blossom Purses

Handbag with cherry blossom design

For women who want their attire to reflect spring, little will do it better than cherry blossom purses. You don't have to confine these purses to one time of year, however. These cheerful bags can put a spring in your look and step even in the dead of winter.

The Look of Cherry Blossom Purses

The classic look of cherry blossom purses features the pretty pink flowers against a paler pink, or even white, background. These bags are not to be confused with the very popular cherry print bags, which feature bunches of the fruits themselves against a white or black background and can be fun to carry while wearing a halter dress in the same fabric. A classic cherry blossom purse is also small - a charming novelty handbag to swing over the wrist as you strut down the street on a crisp spring day.

These bags can still be had, but you aren't confined to carrying a small flowery purse. You can find cherry blossoms adorning tote bags, diaper bags and even backpacks.

Shopping for Cherry Floral Handbags

Even though they are so lovely and desirable, these are bags that are not always readily available. You can often find knockoffs of them, but if you want the higher quality, authentic handbag, you may have to do some serious hunting.

A few years ago, the designer Louis Vuitton put out a series of lovely cherry blossom bags with wallets and change purses to match. Who wouldn't want to carry around a bit of a Parisian springtime, no matter where they were in the world? The Vuitton bags are no longer available, but you can usually find them on eBay for considerably less than they would have cost new. Unless you're a die-hard fashionista, it's still a bag you can carry with pride, because real style is always current.

The online shop Etsy, which carries a variety of items from different designers, currently has an Asian print cherry blossom sling purse. The flowers are a nice red against a buttery and white background with leaves.

For a small and sweet bag that can work on a fun day or night out, look to the Huntington Beach clutch bag at Amazon. It's a black bag with sweet pink and white blossoms and a convertible strap that will turn it from a wrist to a shoulder bag, or the strap can be removed altogether.

Make Your Own Blossom Bag

If you're crafty and love unique accessories, there are a number of patterns available online and at craft shops for making your own bag. As you look them over, you'll soon see that you can pick and choose a look, creating something that is very much just yours.

The pattern at Henrietta's Handbags is perfect for this kind of invention because it is a patchwork design. You could even add a button in the shape of an actual cherry to give it extra charm.

Nicky Epstein creates several designs for felted bags and flowers. The cherry blossom purse featured in the August 2007 issue of Knit 'n Style Magazine is a charming beige bag arrayed with delicate pink blossoms. There's even a pouch for your cell phone, because you shouldn't have to sacrifice practicality for individuality.

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Cherry Blossom Purses