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Inexpensive beach bags are easy to find!

Unlike everyday purses that may cost a pretty penny, cheap beach totes belong to a completely different category. Made with relaxed, usually inexpensive materials, they address the needs of function and fashion without taking a massive chunk out of your bank account.

Shop Smart

When it comes to beachside accessories, it's important to shop smart. Unless you live in a climate that is consistently warm year round, you don't want to pay hundreds for items you'll only use a handful of times a year. Sure, designer handbags can be fun to carry, but they certainly aren't practical for the beach. And even if a bag is touted as a beach bag, it can cost several hundred (and even thousand, in some cases!) just because of its label.

Considering all the mishaps that could potentially befall a costly bag - soakings, storms and sand, to name a few - it's wise to choose practicality over red carpet glamour when headed to the beach. Of course, there's no need to sacrifice beauty and sophistication just because the bag isn't a Fendi or Louis Vuitton! It's just a matter of knowing what to look for in a high quality, low cost beach tote.

What to Look For in Cheap Beach Totes

There are a few essential elements you should look for when shopping around for beach bags.

  • Space: An oversized beach tote is ideal - you'll have enough room to carry small and large items comfortably.
  • Pockets: Multiple compartments and pockets will provide you with reasonable space to keep hard-to-find items within easy reach.
  • Closure: Many beach totes are open and do not have a zipper or button, but some do feature a closing mechanism of some kind. They aren't necessary, but they'll keep your possessions just a bit safer.
  • Material: Canvas, straw, plastic and nylon are typical beach bag materials. You may find some more practical than others for your specific needs; straw may not be the best choice if you're sitting right on the water, for example, while plastic isn't a great idea if you plan to tote heavy items. Also note that many plastic bags are translucent. Bear this in mind when packing any valuables!

The Choices

Whether your taste is carefree and relaxed or classic and polished, you can count on finding a variety of cheap beach totes to suit your needs. Check out the following stores for outstanding selections at reasonable prices:

  • Land's End: For all your beach-going needs, nothing beats the practical and relatively budget-friendly selection here. Materials range from canvas to straw.
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond: This store is a great place to begin looking for the perfect tote. Just search for "beach totes" and you'll be treated to a vast selection of colorful totes at all price points. Stephen Joseph bags are great for kids, or check out CB Station and Eastport for the grown ups.
  • Target: Target is a no-fail stop when you're searching for just about anything at a reasonable price. Right around springtime, expect to find an extensive collection of fun, trendy beach totes. You may even find some accessories to match!

Multiple Uses

Inexpensive beach totes are more than just vacation accessories; they're quite versatile and can serve you well in a number of situations. If it's sturdy enough, it can double as a school bag and support a few books. They're also great to carry on day trips, weekend excursions or on blazing summer days spent padding around town with friends. They also happen to look especially cute with bright sundresses and sandals!

If they're cheap enough, you can take advantage of the deal and buy a few. That way you'll have a couple extra on hand to dole out as part of unique gifts to friends and loved ones. For example, if a newly married couple is headed somewhere warm and tropical for their honeymoon, fill a cheap bag with a few summery goodies - think sunscreen, towels and the like - and present it as a going away gift. A loaded beach bag filled with summer treats for mom and the little one is also a great gift idea, whether it's for a birthday or just because!

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