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Men's wallets hold some of the most personal, private and important items men own. They are also a popular gift item for holidays, birthdays and Father's Day. Although they may seem like simple functional accessories,… Keep reading »

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Organizer Wallets
Organizer Wallets

For both men and women, wallets are a daily essential. From credit cards and cash to pictures, wallets house a variety of items. With the tremendous array of wallets available in today's marketplace, finding the right one can be daunting. LoveToKnow Handbags is here to help.

The Wonderful World of Wallets

Do you need to find out the basics of men's or women's wallets? Are you wondering whether the cost of a leather wallet is worth your hard-earned cash? Maybe you want to check out wallets from top designers like Chanel, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. Maybe you just need a good, affordably-priced wallet.

Whatever you're looking for in wallets, you'll find it here in the LoveToKnow Wallets section.

LoveToKnow's team of expert fashion writers and editors work hard to bring you informative, down-to-earth articles that reveal what you want to know. In the wallets category, you'll find things like:

  • Popular designer wallet styles
  • Wallet fashion trends and colors
  • Wallet purses
  • Tips on what to look for in a wallet
  • Information on buying authentic designers
  • Where to find wallet discounts and deals
  • Slim wallets
  • Unique and specialty wallets
  • Travel wallets

You need a wallet that fits your lifestyle, whether it's a skinny travel wallet that fits in your pocket, or a large checkbook-style wallet to stow in your purse. Get information on styles and features to make the right decision on your next wallet.

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