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17 Best Hard Case Wallets for Sleek Yet Functional Style

17 Best Hard Case Wallets for Sleek Yet Functional Style

A hard case wallet is often sleek and modern. The best hard case wallet should have RFID blocking technology for protection against wi-fi theft of your credit cards and personal information. Keep reading »

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For both men and women, wallets are a daily essential. From credit cards and cash to pictures, wallets house a variety of items. Since wallets come in an assortment of sizes, designs, and amount of storage space, it's good to learn about wallets to decide which one best suits your needs.

Keeping Things Secure

Though some people use their wallets solely as a method to hold cards and cash, some use them as a way to convey their financial status. A Louis Vuitton wallet doesn't just say, "this holds my money," but also, "I have enough money for luxury items." Carrying an Amykathryn piece conveys to the world that you choose to make eco-friendly purchases. A Puzzle Wallet can be a conversation starter that shows the world you like clever things.

Wallets for Men

Some say a lot is revealed about a man by the wallet he carries. A man who has a wallet with a day planner is likely the type of man who shows up on time to his engagements. A man with a waterproof billfold may be a man who finds himself involved in active adventures once in a while. Regardless of the type of man, there is a men's wallet that will work for his lifestyle.

Wallet Styles

For those who want a wallet that's strictly utilitarian, there are numerous options. An organizer wallet can help you hold your items while staying on track. A thin wallet will hold your important items but not take up too much room. Wallets with two panels will provide extra compartments to hold cards and cash. A mini sports wallet will keep everything secure without getting in the way during physical activity. A trucker's wallet with compartments is a good choice for someone who is always on the go.

Great Options

A SlimSlimmy wallet is an excellent choice for someone who wants a unique wallet. If you need more room, a purse with a built-in wallet will help hold even more. For a more classic choice, consider a coin purse.

Choose the Right Wallet

It's important to choose the right wallet that will suit your needs. Find one that fits your personality and will carry all your important items. Whether you want a wallet that conveys your personal style or you want something that will do nothing more than hold your belongings, there is a wallet out there for you.

Wallets for Men and Women