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Types of Purses

Article Highlight: Best Organizer Purses

For today's busy woman, organizer purses help keep essential items at your fingertips. The key to finding the right organizational handbag is knowing what features you need and what your organizing style is. Keep reading »

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basic barrel purse
Basic Purses

There are many types of purses, from petite hobos to big barrel bags, and from delicate embroidered wristlets to oversize photo purses. Each person has a style that she prefers and works best for her needs. Explore the range of purses available to find the best types for your specific concerns.

Different Types of Purses

There are many types of purses in today's marketplace -- the question is, how to choose? From upscale designer styles to affordable everyday purses, there are plenty of options. Choosing a purse to fit your life means taking into account a number of details before you shell out the money for your bag. A purse isn't just an accessory - it's often a lifeline, containing everything you need, from ID, credit cards, and money to lip balm, cell phone, and receipts.

There is a variety of purses to discover such as:

  • Evening purses and clutches that are perfect for special occasions.
  • Everyday purses that can take you from day to night.
  • Work or office purses that can hold all your business necessities.
  • Novelty purse styles that reflect the trends of the season.
  • Wristlets that can hold a few important items.
  • Custom and unique bags that are made just for you.

Choosing a Purse Style

When choosing a purse, there are many factors to consider. To make your final decision, factor in the following:

  • Occasion: Some purses are designed to be cute and sassy, such as the Cuffz evening bag. While that style might be right for the club, it is not appropriate for something like a job interview.
  • Colors: Go beyond the trends - always take into account your personal style. If you go for a look you love, chances are you'll look fabulous even after the season ends.
  • Specific designer: Well-known names and designer purses offer quality craftsmanship. Spend a little time learning about a designer beforehand to make sure you get the quality you want.
  • Budget: Many high-quality purses are available at relatively affordable prices, like the popular Coach bags. You can also check outlets for great bags at decent prices.
  • Your specific body type: Think about your overall look when purchasing your bag.
  • Your image: What your purse looks like says a lot about you, and it may change depending on the day. A huge, brightly colored patchwork bag is perfect for your fun-loving weekend side, while a polished leather shoulder bag is right for you during the professional work week.
  • Your particular needs: Are you looking for a purse that offers many organizational features, or something to make a statement, like a unique seatbelt purse? Or maybe you just need to tote your pooch? Thinking a bit about the features you want and need beforehand can make a big difference when it's time to purchase.

Fashion and Function

Whether you're looking for purse deals, information on a specific designer, or just want to indulge your passion for purses, there are many resources available. A purse is an accessory that can be worn for both fashion and function and can easily give your wardrobe a fresh new look.

Types of Purses