Luggage Options to Travel in Style

7 Lightest Luggage Options for Easy Travel

7 Lightest Luggage Options for Easy Travel

Shopping for the lightest luggage means you want the best options to make your travel easy. With the best lightweight luggage guide, you can choose from various options to ensure you end up with the lightest… Keep reading »

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There are all kinds of luggage you can buy to make your travels easy. You need to explore all your options before committing to a luggage set or individual luggage pieces.

Luggage Options for Weekend Travel

Weekender luggage is a very popular style of travel bag since it only requires one or two pieces of luggage and not a matching set of luggage. When you travel over a weekend, you need just enough luggage space to pack for a couple of days. You may want to consider specific pieces of luggage for your weekend travel. Some of the popular weekend luggage choices include carry-ons, duffel bags, and travel totes.

Convenient Carry-on Luggage

When shopping for carry-on luggage, there are a few convenient features you may find valuable. For example, carry-on luggage with an extending retractable handle and wheels allows you to pull the luggage behind you. Trying to carry luggage in an airport can be very tiring, but pulling it behind you frees up your hands and saves your back.

Carry-on luggage with spinner wheels means you have 360° maneuverability. If you've ever pulled luggage behind you but had it topple over itself, you'll fall in love with a spinner wheeled carry-on. The wheels make it possible for your luggage to stay upright and behind you when you're in a rush to catch a flight.

Duffle Bags for Easy Travel

One of the most popular choices for weekend travel luggage is the duffle bag. This easy to carry bag has come a long way since its debut sometime during the 1600s. From leather to nylon, today's duffle bags come all kinds of materials. You can find duffle bags in all sizes and prices ranges. You can shop for cute, quilted duffle bags and even padded duffle bags designed to protect your valuables snuggly stowed inside.

Fun Bags for All Ages

If you have children, then you know they like having their own travel bag. You can find several options for all ages. For the little kids, a Going to Grandma's suitcase or other modern suitcase styles encourage them to pack their own clothes. Teenagers can find all kinds of luggage themes and styles to fit their current taste. Fun prints make stylish choices for young travelers. Consider hip polka dot luggage sets, leopard prints, and horse print luggage.

Stylish Tote Travel Bags

You may prefer a tote travel bag for the convenience of a folding garment tote bag. If you like the look of luxury leather totes or tote style briefcases, you can find many designed just for women.

Designer Travel Bags

You can travel in style with Louis Vuitton travel luggage. This iconic design house has been providing travelers with high quality luxurious luggage since the 1800s. Louis Vuitton has long been the top choice for travel trunks, and over the last two centuries has expanded to all types of luggage and handbags.

Other designer exclusive luxury luggage is offered by Gucci and HENK. Many handbag designer houses also provide their customers with exclusive travel luggage. You may decide that high style travel is the way you want to go and buy luggage to match a specific travel outfit.

Luggage Selections Just for Men on the Go

Men have a wide selection of leather luggage options. From leather carryalls, duffle bags, overnight bags, and garment bags, there's no excuse for a man not to be in fashion while traveling. For those morning commutes to work, a men's leather messenger bag will make a statement of class, luxury, and style.

Find Your Style of Travel Luggage

Your own brand of fashion and style can come through with the type of travel luggage you choose. Expressing your personal taste with luggage choices will enhance your travel.

Luggage Options to Travel in Style