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Designer Handbags

Article Highlight: Which Brands of Designer Handbags Are Most Affordable?

Finding which brands of designer handbags are most affordable usually comes down to who has the best outlet stores, or where the best sales are. However, there are some designers that are most likely to have… Keep reading »

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There is a wide array of designer handbags available in very different price ranges and styles. Although designer names are available at varying price points, each brand offers something unique. Companies also typically stand behind their brands and strive to offer high quality in detail, design, craftsmanship, and materials.

The World of Designer Handbags

Whether you are new to the world of designer purses, or you have a long-time love for them, you may want to find out:

Understanding more about a designer, the styles they offer, and your shopping options can help you make the best choice in a handbag for your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Top Brands

Take a peek at some of the most beloved names in handbags:

  • Maybe you love the classic elegance of Kate Spade, or the grunge-inspired glam of Marc Jacobs. Many like the ultra feminine styles of Vera Bradley. The top fashion designers include bags in their collections that appeal to a wide range of people.
  • Many of the biggest stars are fans of designer bags. You can spot some of the top names carrying bags such as Coach and Chloe. These bags are coveted not only for their superior quality but for the status associated with them.
  • Designers such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton feature classic styles in their collections and continue to add new looks each season. Those that feature the same bags season after season do so since they are timeless and can be carried for years.
  • You can also find trendy bags from brands such as Juicy Couture. The trendier styles may only last a season or two so if you do not plan on making a big purchase each time a fad ends, stick with a classic style.

Designers know that quality and workmanship make their bags stand out. Designer bags are crafted from fine leather and contain hardware done in brass and other metals. You will notice attention to detail that make brand-name bags not only look good, but also feel good to carry.

Choosing Your Designer Bag

Since these bags often carry substantial price tags and are considered investments, take the time to learn which designers most appeal to you and reflect your style before you purchase. Become familiar with the brand and purchase from authorized retailers to ensure that the bag you are buying is authentic and not a replica or fake. By investing a little time, you can learn more about the best designers and feel confident purchasing a new handbag in a style you love and with the quality you crave.

Designer Handbags