Backpacks for Different Styles and Activities

15 Best Women’s Backpacks for Fresh, Functional Style

15 Best Women’s Backpacks for Fresh, Functional Style

The best women's backpack has multiple storage options and style. A few best backpacks for women include unique features, such as detachable pouches that can be worn crossbody style. You can explore the best… Keep reading »

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There are several backpack styles available for all occasions, so you're sure to find one you like. Some of the more popular choices are causal school backpacks for children and college students, as well as a wide range of adult backpacks suitable for the office and play.

Best Backpack Choices

You'll discover that some of the best backpacks are made by brands you trust. These companies have reputations for producing high quality and fashionable backpacks. Today's' backpacks must meet greater criteria than vintage bookbags. Modern backpacks must provide places to store a laptop, tablet, water bottle, smart phone, and various personal items.

Backpacks Designed for Laptops

You may need a backpack to carry your laptop to classes or work. You can find several unique laptop backpacks in various styles. Quality laptop backpacks offer you a padded compartment to protect your laptop from damage. Most laptop backpacks offer you clever ways to organize pens and other office supplies you might need. Some designs feature everything you need so your laptop backpack can serve as a mobile office.

Single Shoulder Backpack for Comfort

A single shoulder backpack offers you versatility and is comfortable to wear. It is designed to contour your body to lessen any strain on your back. This backpack design features many zip pockets of different sizes to secure your personal items. Often referred to as a sling back bag, you can find designs that are ideal for school, work, travel, and even short hikes.

Cute and Adorable Backpacks for Kids

If you have young children, you may need to find a different type of backpack for school. Some of the more popular backpack designs include those with a dinosaur motif. This might be a dinosaur print or a backpack in the shape of a dinosaur.

Your child may prefer a backpack with an applique of her/his favorite dinosaur, but another popular backpack of kids is a turtle shell design. Many kids adore this type of backpack or go for the licensed ones that are the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle designs. These and other backpacks that feature movie or graphic novel characters make going to school an extra fun adventure for young children.

Get Styling With Backpack Purses

There are many stylish and attractive backpacks that you can easily carry as a purse. In fact, you may want to browse a few pictures of backpack purses to get a better idea of what's available. Backpack purses are chic and can be worn over the shoulders or carried by a top handle. This type of backpack is available in various materials, such as nylon, leather, quilted fabric with multiple print designs, PU leather, and various combinations of materials.

Finding Inexpensive Backpack Purses and Drawstrings

You don't have to spend a small fortune on designer backpacks to have a great looking backpack purse. You can find some extremely cute and stylish inexpensive backpack purses. These backpack purses mean you don't have to forfeit fashion style for modest prices.

Other types of cheap backpacks include a drawstring style that is great when you don't need all the different zip pockets, flaps, and organizational features. If you just need a simplistic backpack, a drawstring design may be a good option for you. This has a classic purse look and some larger drawstring backpacks can be great for a day at the beach, or to carry extra items with you for a lightweight toting option.

Lots of Options for Backpacks

When shopping for a backpack, you need to decide on the style and function you require for specific tasks and uses. With so many available choices, you should be able to get all the functions you want in your ideal backpack.

Backpacks for Different Styles and Activities