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Article Highlight: Top Places to Buy a Turtle Shell Backpack

You can find the top places to buy fun designs for a turtle shell backpack, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT). Take the love for turtle shell designs to school, work, daycare, or even on an overnight… Keep reading »

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backpack purses

Backpacks may be as old as the world, but this useful accessory has been making a clever debut in the world of women's fashion ever since the backpack purse flooded the market nearly two decades ago.

Backpacks: From Bookbag to Carryall

When they aren't playing a role in the handbag industry, backpacks also maintain their status as a sturdy and sometimes stylish form of carryall for everyone from students to outdoorsman. LoveToKnow Handbags is now paying tribute to this utilitarian carrier and now you can learn all about the many types of backpacks and their particular uses.

While backpacks have long been used as bags for students to carry books and other essentials for schools, there are many more uses for backpacks. You can use these roomy, functional bags as weekenders, travel bags, and as a casual handbag or tote. Backpacks also make excellent bags for men. While men's purses have gained popularity, most men still prefer the more masculine style of a rugged backpack. Backpacks are one type of carryall that is an essential for all ages and genders.

Backpack Basics...and Beyond

In this category, you'll find articles on basic backpack styles, along with details on specific bags, including:

  • Designer handbag brands and styles
  • Children's and student backpacks
  • Shopping tips for the best bookbag deals
  • Popular backpack trends
  • Alternative backpack styles, such as satchels, messengers and shoulder style or sling backpacks

You'll even find information on combating some of the most common backpack problems, and the best ways to pack a backpack.

Backpacks are reliable, fashionable, and functional -- and LoveToKnow Handbags has you covered when it comes to getting the scoop on different backpack styles!