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A canvas zebra print tote is sassy way to carry this beloved bag style. From mini-totes to oversize styles, a versatile black and white or other zebra print makes toting your essentials fashionable and fun.

The Essential Canvas Tote

Ask any woman whether she has a tote bag in her handbag repertoire, and the answer is almost always yes -- in fact, she may have several styles of this sturdy handbag staple. Totes are roomy, functional, offer easy access to your belonging, and are easy to swing over your shoulder and carry wherever you need to go. Canvas totes bags have the added advantage of being extremely durable, and many styles can safely go onto the washing machine as well, making unfortunate scuffs, stains, and spills easily taken care of.

Zebra Canvas Totes

If you think a canvas tote has to be boring -- think again. Although many women aren't averse to carrying the well-known cream or vanilla-hued traditional canvas bag, there is much more available. For a bit of splash and sass, you choose from a vast variety of colors and style sin today's totes, including upscale designer styles and unique and eclectic selections. Animal prints have long been an accessory staple -- these bold designs offer a fresh, dramatic look that most women can easily pull off.

A canvas zebra print tote combines functionality and stylish pizzazz. The traditional black and white zebra print is available in a range of shades and varying looks (a stripe is not just a stripe -- the zags, width, and color depth of a zebra design can vary greatly among individual bags). However, colored zebra prints are also available in either multi-colored shades or varying shades of the same hue on a tote.

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At LoveToKnow handbags, we don't just love to write about the bags, we love to know where to find and buy them. We've scoured the Internet for sassy canvas zebra tote bags so you don't have to… and here some of the best finds.

Simple Staples

Among the many cute designs Amazon is a traditional black and white zebra stripe canvas tote with magnetic enclosure and sassy pink handles.

Purse-Size Canvas Totes

Caryn's Ribbon Creations offers adorable purse-size totes in dark canvas with sweet zebra print (and many other styles) grosgrain ribbon accents.

Zebra Fans

This large cream zebra print photo bag is for true zebra lovers. The screened print looks lovely against the natural canvas and is the perfect casual tote. Available from Café Press for under fifteen dollars.

Zebra canvas bags and totes may also be available at your local department store, or online shopping sites such as,, and EBay. For more wildly fashionable zebra styles, look for zebra print handbags, clutches, and messengers, too.

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Canvas Zebra Print Tote