Candy Wrapper Purses

Cute Candy Wrapper Purses

Cute, chic and very eco-friendly, candy wrapper purses are a popular handbag trend. Colorful candy wrappers woven together make unique and fun purses. The styles range from funky totes to classy party-ready clutches.

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Reese's Clutch
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Have some fun with this Reese's clutch from Nahui Ollin. This cute clutch is perfect for stowing keys, lipstick and other daily essentials.

Taking over 4,000 wrappers, and four days to make, this eco-friendly, purse option, comes with a leather strap and zipper closure, so you can be sure your items are safe and secure.

The clutch retails for about $25.

Candy Wrapper Wristlet
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This small and simple candy wrapper clutch by Nahui Ollin is fun to wear and can be held in the hand or worn as a wristlet with its leather wrist strap. It's made of vintage York Peppermint Patties and has a zipper closure.

A small wrapper bag like this is the perfect gift for a teen or younger woman who needs a smaller bag for special occasions. The bag measures 7.1-inches long by 3.5-inches tall by 1.5-inches wide; it weighs 6.4 ounces.

It's available from Amazon and retails for about $28.

Skittles Wrapper Purse
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Use this fun purse made from a Skittles wrapper by the Funky and Junky Esty shop to hold change or makeup. The purse is made from a single Skittles wrapper that has been given a protective coating. It's lined with your choice of fabric and closes with a zipper at the top.

The bag measures 2.75-inches tall by 6-inches wide and retails for $12 with free shipping. All items ship within two business days of order.

Whether you make it yourself, or you purchase one readymade, have some fun with your handbag and consider using one made of recycled candy wrappers.

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Candy Wrapper Purses