Black and Brown Two Toned Hobo Bag

model with two toned handbag
A two-toned handbag offers double the style.

A black and brown two-toned hobo bag offers a great blend of neutral colors in a popular shape.

Two-Toned Bags

Two-toned bags are a versatile handbag option. Utilizing two colors expands your accessory choices and allows you to coordinate your bag with more items. A bag with two colors or shades also adds a bit more flair to your bag than one solid color. Although double-colored bags can be elegant and sophisticated, they can also be fun.

Black and Brown Hobo Bags

A black and brown hobo bag is a wonderfully versatile choice. You can coordinate both black or brown shoes, belts, and other accessories with the bag. Since both colors in the bag are neutrals, you can also utilize various colors in your clothing and accessory schemes and still look polished and pulled together.

The hobo shape is a popular one, and offers some unique design options for a brown and black bag. Whether the hobo is structured or slouchy, the black and brown colors can be done in various designs for a great look.


A two-toned black and brown hobo might use one color as the base, and have either the brown or black as accents. Blocks, patches, or stripes are another look. The crescent-type bag may have a mostly solid base with corners, accent stripes, or handles of either black or brown. Leather styles are most popular, but you can also find faux leather, suede, and fabric bags.

Styles include:

  • Black and brown western-style leather hobo bags
  • Two-toned flap handbags
  • Solid structured hobos with an exterior pocket in either brown or black
  • Black bags with brown croc leather accents
  • Slouchy hobos with brown and black giraffe pattern
  • Brown fabric or leather hobos with black floral designs
  • Patent hobos with brown or black accents
  • Hobos with brown backgrounds and graphic prints or patterns
  • Black and brown patchwork hobos


Color differentiation also varies - the black may be a soft back with a bit more grey in the color, or it may be a true midnight black. Browns range from pale tans to rustic orangey-browns to rich chocolate and cocoa colors.

Shopping for Black and Brown Two-Toned Handbags

You can look for two toned black and brown hobos at department stores, brick and mortar and online handbags retailers, luggage and leather goods stores, and many western retailers.

You'll see black and brown hobos more often in the fall and winter months, since this is when these darker-hued bags are most popular. (In spring these darker neutrals give way for a bevy of lighter hues). Examples of retailers that carry two-toned hobos in black and brown include:

  • eBags; Shop eBags, select 'Hobo' from their handbags menu, then browse the brown handbag collections for great two-toned purses like the Bagtique Giraffe Pattern Hobo with a brown background and black spots, or the Sydney Love Quilted Twill Hobo in brown with black trim.
  • Elegant Elements: In their 'One of a Kind' Collection, Elegant Elements carries beautiful styles of brown basket weave hobos with black trim in different, original designs.
  • American West: Shop American West for beautiful tooled leather western hobo handbags in brown and black, like the Zip-Top Everyday Hobo from the Lucky Start Collection.

Alternatives to Black and Brown Hobos

If you love the look of a dual-toned hobo in brown and black, you might also want to consider this handbag style in two-toned browns as well. This offers a slightly softer look, but the combination of browns is still a spectacular look. Many retailers offer designs in various browns, such as tan and chocolate or beige and brown.

While you might have to do a little digging to find the right black and brown two-toned hobo bag that's right for you, this is a unique and versatile look that adds flair to a standard neutral purse.

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Black and Brown Two Toned Hobo Bag