Best Handbags for Children

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Handbags are one of the ultimate signs of femininity and girls are never too young to start carrying a purse. However, knowing what type of purse to purchase a young child, pre-teen or teen can be helpful. There are many different options out there that your little girl will love. Here are six key ideas to consider in choosing handbags, from toddlers to teenagers.

Best Handbags for Toddlers

Yes, even toddlers can carry handbags. Items you might want to allow your child to carry include toddler-safe toys, a small snack and a spill proof sippy cup. Large combs and plastic mirrors also make a nice addition. Little girls love the fake makeup kits available in most toy stores, because it allows them to play dress-up like Mommy. Keep in mind:

  • The best purse for a young child is one that is sized appropriately for her.
  • Buy durable bags. Use purses to strategically keep your child happy during doctor's office visits, plane rides and other times you want your child to be occupied and quiet.
toddler with red polka dot bag
baby with pink bag
baby with hat and matching purse

Best Handbags for Girls

From the time little girls grow out of the toddler stage until they hit their pre-teen years (around 10 years of age), they often want to carry a wide variety of purse styles. Luckily, there are more than enough selections to keep them happy. Very small little girls may be happy carrying a small pocketbook or girly pink Dora backpack. Older girls will likely want a purse that resembles their mother's or something unique and fun. When purchasing a handbag for this age group, it is important to keep in mind your child's frame. A large handbag can become heavy and may even create back pain. Before purchasing a handbag, have your child model it for you in the store.

Ideas to keep in mind for young girls:

  • Make sure the strap doesn't slip off her shoulder too easily and that is long enough to be worn across the body for added security when on outings.
  • Functionality is important, too! A backpack purse can be ideal for young girls.
dora explorer backpack
girl with laptop and blue purse
little girl looking into blue purse

Best Handbags for Tweens and Teens

Kids that are ten or so begin to really develop their own sense of style. Bold and bright patterns are perfectly acceptable for a 10 to 15 year old to wear. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what type of handbag your daughter should wear with what style of clothes, she'll quickly let you know that she has other ideas.

When it comes to tween and teen bags:

  • Be repared to give a little. While it is good to set boundaries with clothing, insisting on modesty and an overall good appearance, purses are a place where your daughter can show of her sense of style and choose some items that you might not otherwise want to invest in. Bold colors, animal prints and crazy combinations all work when it comes to teen purses.
  • Let her get creative. You may even want to allow your daughter to add accessories to simpler selections and personalize her purse collection to make it uniquely her own. Another option is to make purses from recycled materials, such as used Carpi Sun drinks or old blue jeans.
teens shopping for purses
teen with retro purse
tween with red purse

Remember that owning your first purse or your fortieth purse should be fun and make your little girl feel comfortable in her own skin. Whether the purse is functional or just fabulous, try to let her show off her own sense of style with her new handbag.

Best Handbags for Children