Options for Purses with Interchangeable Covers

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If you're looking for a fun and convenient way to coordinate your handbags and outfits, one of the 'as seen on TV' purse styles with interchangeable covers might be right for you. There are several of these innovative and in-demand bags on the market, however a few brands standout amongst the competition.

Where to Purchase

These bags are categorized in the 'as seen on TV' realm, but you don't necessarily have to by them directly from the television advertisements. Check out other ways to purchase:

  • Miche - The official Miche website is where you can find all over their products. You can also visit the "Find an M-Bassador" page to shop with a representative.
  • Lauren Joy - The brand's compact site, best for the most variety of options.
  • Sharon Barber - Here you will find all things for the Barber brand, including purses and styles for kids.
  • Ebay - Best for discontinued styles or those that are hard to find from these interchangeable handbag brands.

Keep in mind that there are also other changeable handbag systems, such as Reverse-a-purse and Kariealls, that have not been featured on tv, to consider. You may also consider shopping at artisian sites such as Etsy, where crafty women may put up their own versions of these bag systems up for sale.

Learn more about the brands seen on television:

Miche Bags

Maybe you caught a glimpse of these bags on TV, heard about them from a friend, or even via the Internet. The Miche purses have a growing following from fashion savvy women who want affordable and stylish bags that are convenient enough to fit their busy lives.

too many bags Too many bags? Try Miche.

The Miche concept is simple. Women simply purchase a Miche bag, and individual handbag shells are sold separately. Offered in a wide range of designs including appealing professional styles and more fun, colorful weekend looks, the shells simply attach to or detach from the purse with hidden magnets.

Miche Shell Styles

The Miche covers can be purchased in an array of colors and patterns. Shell styles include:

  • Petite: Best for evenings out or when you only have a little room to spare, it corresponds to the Petite base bag.
  • Classic: A mid-sized style that corresponds to the Classic base bag. There are a myriad of colors, prints and patterns to choose from.
  • Demi: This style corresponds to the Demi base bag and is big enough for daily essentials, but small enough for evening too.
  • Prima: Equally compact and roomy, this style corresponds to the Prima base bag and has designs that are appropriate for day and night.

Lauren Joy Handbags

Lauren Joy Handbags

Another efficient entry on the interchangeable bag scene are handbags from the Lauren Joy brand. Described as an "interchangeable handbag system," there are six specific handbags sets that all transform into something else, either through color, details or style.

Lauren Joy Handbag Sets

With various sets to chose from there are bound to be endless features sure to fit all of your needs. Take a look at the specifics:

  • Basic Black Hobo Bag: This is the basic black Lauren Joy bag that has two zipper pockets, a phone holder and removable key ring. This is the prototype bag that is used for all Lauren Joy designs, it also features a removable belt.
  • Black Bag w/ Fashionable Belt Trim: Due to the Velcro belt trim along the top of the bag, you can easily attached various patterned and colored belt trims to your handbag for a different look for every mood.
  • Handbag w/ Extra Pouch: For a completely different look that is actually two bags in one, you can't go wrong with this style. Pull the belt off the Velcro and slide the tasseled pouch through the straps. Place the pouch and belt back on the main bag and snap the ends of the belt in place. Since the pouch has its own shoulder strap, you can also carry it by itself for another new bag.
  • Snakeskin Flap Handbag: To add an element of texture and print, incorporate the snakeskin flap to your black hobo bag. Remove the black strap from the main bag, slip the belt through the flap and put them both on the bag. Snap the belt together, pull the flap over the zipper and add finally add the snakeskin strap.
  • Handbag w/ Slipcovers: Quite possibly the easiest way to transform your hobo bag is to add a colored slipcover over the outside. Finish things off by attaching a shoulder strap in a matching shade.

Sharon Barber Purses

With a little less variety and fewer sizes, Sharon Barber purses still give you the ability to change the look of your purse in lightening speed. There are two styles of these interchangeable purses, the Brendi and the Beebi. Both are long and rectangular, somewhat like a large envelop. They also contain a shoulder strap and the Sharon Barber logo on front.

Sharon Barber Shells

Go from solids and prints to light colors or dark with these interchanging shells.

  • Basic Black: The all-purpose shell color that is fashionable all year-round.
  • Blushing Snake: A feminine element of texture highlights this shell that is a bubblegum pink snakeskin print.
  • Chocolate Fudge: An earthy chocolate brown just as versatile as black.
  • Classy Camel: Neutral hue that won't take attention away from your outfit.
  • Denim Blue: Light wash denim blue that easily compliments jeans, jackets and lighter colors.
  • Lucky Leopard: For those that like to standout, this shell style is impossible to miss in a fierce leopard print.
  • Sassy Gray: Subtle yet sophisticated, this shell compliments many outfit choices.
  • Tangerine Snake: Combining the popular print of snakeskin with a bold orange hue, and you have a statement bag sure to turn heads.

Bag Quality

With interchangeable bags the important thing to know is that they are very affordable and are not made by high-end designers. This means that you shouldn't expect the quality that you would get from say, a Louis Vuitton bag, in an interchangeable style. The quality is what you would expect of most mid-priced styles; not full of glaring flaws, but certainly not one-of-kind craftsmanship either. The standout feature is the fact that it has the ability to morph into various styles, not being made of the best materials in the handbag business.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, there are pros and cons to interchangeable purses. You would be wise to weigh both options thoroughly before deciding to invest in one.

Pros include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Versatility
  • Convenient

Cons include:

  • Mid-level quality/materials used
  • Limited sizing
  • Overly trendy

In the Bag

Whether you choose to indulge in the interchangeable purse craze or not is solely up to you, but you simply can't deny their appeal. If you aim to make your life just a tad easier, buying a purse that can look many ways with little effort is tempting. Affordable and versatile styles make these bags appealing to many women.

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Options for Purses with Interchangeable Covers