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Designer Amy Hall of Amykathryn Purses
Designer Amy Hall

Amykathryn Purses offer an eco-friendly design and unique patterns that any woman would be proud to carry. LoveToKnow gathered the inside scoop on these fashionable bags, what designs fans can expect in the near future and how their designer got started in the biz.

About Amy Hall

Amy Hall has a unique background that likely explains the originality of her handbag line. She comes from a success-driven family that includes a father and a brother who are Olympic medalists and a mother and grandmother who have cheered her on throughout her career. She majored in Anthropology and Art History at the University of Arizona and even owned her own furniture and art gallery for a while. Eventually, this led her to attend the Otis School of Design in Los Angeles. Today, her handbags can be seen in magazines, on television and on the arms of a wide variety of women, from stars to housewives and everything in between.

Daisy Indigo bag from Amykathryn Purses
Daisy Indigo

LoveToKnow (LTK): When did you first know you wanted to be a designer?

Amy Hall (AH): When I got really serious about puffy painting T-shirts! In about second grade...

LTK: Were you a fashionable child? Do you think your interest in fashion started at a young age?

AH: I had my own sense of fashion style... And I guess I still do! But mostly I was drawn to lovely things in interior design and furniture.

LTK: You have a passion for Africa, even studying about anthropology in college. How do you think this impacts your designs?

AH: The colors of Africa, from Kente cloth in Ghana to the red earth of Namibia, to the beaded jewelry of Masaai in Kenya - my bags reflect those color combinations seen in nature and adornment all over Africa.

Amykathryn Small Peony Chestnut Purse
Amykathryn Small Peony Chestnut Purse

About amykathryn Purses

Amykathryn purses are made with faux leather and are eco-friendly and animal-friendly. Amy Hall uses colors found in nature, mixing neutrals with bold splashes for a distinctive look that has a charm all its own.

LTK: You have an impressive list of celebrity clients, including Hilary Duff and Leann Rimes. Any other celebrity clients?

AH: Most recently, we've gotten pictures of Karina Smirnoff (Dancing with the Stars), Bridgette Marquet (Girls Next Door) and Audrina Patridge (The Hills) wearing amykathryn's on the streets of LA. Also, 'Kate Roberts' from Days of Our Lives wore an amykathryn for five or six episodes!

LTK: Which purse are you carrying right now?

AH: I'm wearing the Amaryllis Saffron - I love messengers and the style this bag has!

Where to Buy amykathryn Purses

LTK: You sell your purses through several outlets, including Shabby Apple. Why the partnership with this company?

Amykathryn Star Gazer Lifestyle Bag in Slate
Star Gazer Lifestyle Bag in Slate

AH: Shabby Apple has been great! Have you seen their website,! So feminine (just my style), easy to browse, and very clear. Their customers love amykathryn and they have marketed us in a great light.

LTK: There are several handbags featured on Shabby Apple that really show off your creative flair as a designer. In particular, I liked the flowered hobo. Which one do you think shows off your unique style the most?

AH: Gosh, they're all so different! I think the Signature Bronze bag (that's the one that was on Days of Our Lives) really shows off what amykathryn is about, because it combines our original fabrics with our flowery logo (design on front) and the function is really practical. It is a lightweight easy tote to carry with interior pockets.

Scoop on Upcoming Designs

LTK: What are you working on right now? What can we expect to see from amykathryn in the coming year?

AH: O I'm so excited! I've designed a Spring and Summer collection. Spring will come out in March and then Summer in May. We are expanding our line and in those collections, there will be new items such as; a roller duffle bag, new wallets, smaller cross body bags, and a men's messenger bag!

Amykathryn Heather Bag in Slate
Heather in Slate
Amykathryn Amaryllis Saffron Purse
Amaryllis Saffron
Amykathryn Tuberone Saffron Lifestyle Purse
Tuberone Saffron Lifestyle

LoveToKnow offers a special thanks to Amy Hall for giving us the inside information on her designs and helping us gain some insight into this amazing designer. For those who want a great deal on an amykathryn, Shabby Apple offers good deals before the new items arrive in March and again toward the end of spring in preparation for the summer collection.

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