Aluminum Purse


If you love the look of sleek shiny metal, or are looking for a way to recycle soda can pull tabs, an aluminum purse might be just right for you. From designer purses to handcrafted bags you can make yourself, there is sure to be one to fit your style and budget.

Modern Sleek Purses Made from Aluminum

Aluminum designer purses, featuring soft leather interiors, are the perfect fashion accessory for the modern woman. Made by Zero Halliburton these purses offer pure sophistication with their stylized sleek form and beautiful color choices of pink, navy, turquoise, light green, cabernet, gold and black. Starting at $335, Zero Halliburton purses are available in two sizes.

Purses Made From Aluminum

  • KBD Accessories offers triangle shaped purses made from aluminum by the multi-dimensional artist Karin. Her purses are available in two sizes in antique silver or matte black.
  • Ruby Lane sells aluminum mesh purses designed by Whiting & Davis. These handbags are generally limited in stock so the assortment changes often.

Recycled Aluminum Pull Tab Purse

Modern elegant purses are created from recycled aluminum soda can pull tabs using traditional crocheting techniques by the Escama Studio of San Francisco. These beautiful fashion accessories are produced completely by hand in craft cooperatives in Brazil. The first pull tab purse was designed by Francisca Riberio de Souza in 2003 for the Escama Studio. However, the craft was very common throughout Brazil before that time. The purses from Escama Studio range in price from $35 - $250.

Aluminum Vintage Purses

In the mid 1900s aluminum was used in the manufacturing of purses using several different processes. These processes included alumesh, aluminum armour mesh and mylar.


Aluminum was used in the 1930s - 40s to create beautiful metallic purses using a process called alumesh. The process created a finish of enameled aluminum which was very pliable giving the purse the feel and look of a vintage beaded purse. Alumesh purses were manufactured by companies including Whiting and Davis.

Aluminum Armour Mesh

This process was used for a very brief period in the 1930s. The metal is very light and has the feeling of liquid metal.


In the mid 1950s a metallic yarn called Mylar was introduced. It was made by combining DuPont polyester film to aluminum foil. The Mel-Ton brand purses using the gold mylar were very expensive and a fashion statement of the day.

Chinese Imports

Imported purses from China in the 1970s were made of bright metallic gold mesh. The purses were made from 100 percent aluminum and were very popular with the disco set. Examples of theses purses can be seen at Ruby Lane.


Whichever type of aluminum purse fits your style, it is certain to quickly become one of your favorite fashion accessories.

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Aluminum Purse