80s Preppy Handbags

80s handbag

Take inspiration from the decade of excess and make 80s preppy handbags a part of your wardrobe. If you're a big fan of some of the era's looks, you might find that a small dose of 80s style is just enough to add a little twist to your look.

Accessorize Yourself

Madonna expressed herself back in 1989, and now your goal is much the same - only perhaps not quite so brazenly. If the '80s is one of your favorite fashion decades and you want to integrate some of the era's biggest trends into your present day look - without looking at all conspicuous or like a serious fashion victim - then accessories are undoubtedly the way to go.

Just one 80s-inspired accessory can go a long way and add some personality to an otherwise modern, simple ensemble. For example, fingerless gloves returned with a vengeance in 2009, but today they're more than just style statements - they're also pretty functional and make driving in chilly weather a bit more comfortable.

Handbags in particular had their own distinctive look during the '80s. Though the era saw an appreciation for everything from brightly colored clutches (which were a staple of 80s teen fashion) to luxurious pieces from Louis Vuitton and Chanel, it was the "street" style bags that really caught on with the general population. Often referred to as the "bum bag," this utilitarian look is popular even today, though decidedly less likely to define this decade's style.

Preppy purses in particular are highly definitive of 80s fashion. This accessory was considered the must have of the day, and its distinctive look was unmistakable. They actually became popular in the late '70s, and have long been known as Bermuda bags.

About the Bermuda Bag

The Bermuda bag may well be the ultimate in preppy style. The unique purse is, first and foremost, a fashion accessory, though it does serve a functional purpose. It consists of three parts:

  • Handle
  • Removable cover
  • Fixed lining

It may sound a bit confusing at first to those who aren't familiar with them, but the concept behind Bermuda bags is really quite simple - and even rather ingenious to those who grew up with them or envied their mothers or older sisters carrying them! The removable cover is the sole interchangeable piece of the Bermuda bag. These covers are typically patterned in the most preppy of preppy prints - think detailed, uplifting patterns in bright, sunny colors (not unlike something you might see from Lilly Pulitzer).

Of course, changing these covers makes it especially easy to match your Bermuda bag with your outfit. Young girls and women in the 80s owned a number of covers - there was something for every occasion, from afternoon lunches to weekend shopping trips to everything in between. This little accessory was a great complement to even a plain '80s outfit, like jeans, a T-shirt and canvas sneakers.

Finding '80s Preppy Handbags

Believe it or not, 80s preppy handbags are widely available even today, though not nearly as popular as they once were. They are especially favored during the spring and summer months. Since they're so light and colorful, they resonate well with the seasons and pair well with a variety of sundresses and sandals. If you're curious or just want to relive the '80s to perfection, check out The Jesse B. Collection. The Jesse B. Collection may well be the one-stop shop for all your Bermuda bag needs. Here, the bag's handles and removable covers are sold separately. Purchase the handle for $60 and choose from a wide range of $30 covers, all of which are reversible. There are plenty of prints to choose from, including gingham checks, simple solids and vibrant patterns, which are indeed quite preppy!

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80s Preppy Handbags