Multi Pocket Totes

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Multi pocket totes are some of the most versatile and stylish handbags available today.

About Multi Pocket Totes

Tote bags differ from traditional handbags in many ways. Not only are they generally more spacious, they also feature a lengthier shape (sometimes referred to as a "north-south" style). This shape lends the bag greater functionality than a basic handbag. Multi pocket totes are, by virtue of their name, appropriately laden with pockets. Often, it's the exterior that boasts several button or zip-top pockets, but it's not unusual to find a one that also features several interior compartments.

Uses for this Versatile Tote

Fashion and Function

When it comes to high-end fashion, no one's name is more synonymous with these types of totes than Marc Jacobs'. The famed designer, whose quilted, luxurious, hardware-rich purses are the subject of many fantasies and the favorite of celebrities worldwide, made a splash early on with a collection of handbags that guaranteed timelessness and quality. Among those bags was the Multi Pocket Tote.

Its various incarnations over the years haven't failed to impress legions of women with their classic shape, soft leather, discreet details and various options. Even today, Jacobs' tote resounds strongly in the fashion world: Its extreme functionality is second only to its impeccable design. Four pockets grace the exterior, located respectively on the front and both sides of the bag. Each closes easily with Jacobs' signature padlock hardware, which is both hefty and elegant all at once.

Versatile Go-To Bags

Of course, a tote with pockets doesn't have to be enormous and constructed of leather in order to be considered timeless. Another well-known version that is relied on time and again is the Jeep Mini Multi Pocket. This compact nylon bag is a dream for anyone who spends plenty of time outdoors. Not only is its material appropriate for any type of weather, it also features a grand total of six pockets to keep small items separated and easily within reach. The pockets are roomy enough to hold wallets, keys, cell phones (or other electronic devices), and coins, among other items. The pockets surround the bag, while the interior is fashioned into a convenient, spacious pouch with enough space for bottles, snacks, and other larger items.

Many people choose to use this as an on-the-go diaper bag; however, do note that it's not spacious enough to really do the job that a regular size diaper bag would do. This tote best serves those who are taking a long walk or just strolling around the beach. It does not feature a shoulder strap, so it is inconvenient for hikes and other, more strenuous activities.

Craft Totes

It's not just glamour queens and outdoor enthusiasts who benefit from this versatile handbag, though. Crafty individuals who work with art supplies often find the tote extremely helpful in keeping their tools organized. The most useful organizational totes feature plenty of exterior pockets with varying closing mechanisms, such as Velcro, buttons, zippers and snaps. Organizational totes feature pockets on the inside, as well.

This makes carrying supplies to classes and events a snap, and any artist knows all too well the importance of keeping things in a safe place. Small articles, such as beads and paint tubes, can be easily misplaced. With a tote that functions as a virtual storage station away from home, that problem is eliminated.

What's Available

The Vicenza Bag from Alina Handbags features front multiple pockets.

No matter what type of multi functional pocket tote you're looking for, you're sure to find one that suits your every need. The following are a few that are both stylish and sure to stand the test of time.

Chanel Ligne Cambon Multipocket Tote

Anyone who has flipped open a fashion or entertainment magazine in the past few years will recognize this bulky tote. It's been carried by the likes of Madonna, and its unusual shape makes it instantly appealing to those who prefer to carry something a bit more unconventional.

With four large exterior pockets and a bold white Chanel logo giving this bag all the personality it needs, it stands to reason that this is one tote that will easily maintain itself well over the years. If you're lucky, you might find one on eBay. Just watch out for fakes!

Gardening Tote

A tote with multiple pockets comes in especially handy for anyone who has a green thumb. A sturdy canvas tote with a solid base and strong handles is just what any gardener needs to carry his or her tools with ease. If you're lucky, you might even find one that contains some tools already, such as this one from Picnic at Ascot, Inc.

Sunny Hawaii Pocket Tote Bag

Whether or not you're actually headed to Hawaii, you can still say aloha! to a cheerful tote like the gloriously bright Sunny Hawaii Pocket Tote Bag. Available in several colors, this easy, breezy tote is the perfect holiday companion. It features three extra-deep exterior pockets, as well as several interior compartments to make life just a little easier - in other words, no digging around for change while a line of impatient people forms behind you.

Diaper Bag

Just when you thought lugging around a bag full of baby gear couldn't sound any less appealing, you discovered that it involved being toted around in an unattractive, matronly bag. That was then - but now there's an onslaught of stylish diaper bags designed to make mom feel hip no matter how much she's carrying. Consider a denim or cherry red Skip Hop Dash Diaper Bag. It's an ideal fusion of function and fashion with pockets to boot!

Multi Pocket Totes