Horse Print Luggage

Whimsical and fun, horse print luggage is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

Choosing Horse Print Luggage

Horse print luggage can be appropriate for just about anyone who loves horses and likes to showcase that fact, but unfortunately for some adults, most of that luggage is made for children. If you are an adult who wants this special kind of luggage for yourself, know that you may have to have it specially made, although there are a few totes available with the horse image.

On the other hand, if you are searching for horse embroidered luggage for a child, then you are in luck, as there are a few different types of luggage styles available. That said, the selection is not as varied as you might think. Essentially, this type of luggage is usually found in two forms:

  • Backpacks: Doesn't a horse printed backpack sound beautiful? The best part about backpacks that have horses decorating them is the fact that the horses are found throughout the style (as opposed to just a single large horse). Additionally, these backpacks tend to be rather bright in color, so that's sure to please the younger set.
  • Duffel bags: Whether you need one to serve as a gym bag, or for hockey or soccer practice, these horse printed duffel bags are sure to be a hit! Similar to backpacks, you can expect these duffel bags to come in bold and vibrant colors.

Where to Shop

The following sites offer several horse print styles that are sure to please:


Sears offers a healthy selection of horse printed backpacks, most of which are from Wildken. Each of the bags offered features a polyester fabric finish for durability, interior nylon lining, adjustable padded straps for comfort and two zippered compartments. However, the distinguishing feature of the backpacks is their wide and varied colors. You'll be able to purchase these backpacks in:

  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple


Target is where you'll be able to find duffel bags with the horse print. What you might really enjoy about these bags is the color scheme; the pink duffel bag is a bright, attractive one with the horses in white, deep indigo, grey and purple. If you prefer a different color, you'll also have the option of purchasing the duffel bag in a green, but here the green coloring is offset by black contrasting details, while the horses are colored in rich brown, tan and grey; the more sophisticated color scheme of this duffel might appeal to older children.

I Dig Toys

At I Dig, you'll find the Purple Horses Duffel Bag. This beautiful and eye-catching bag is fairly roomy, offers an interior pocket, an outer zip compartment and features a reinforced and adjustable strap.

Additionally, the adjustable strap is removable, so if your child prefers to carry his or her duffel via the carrying handles, that shouldn't be a problem In terms of the color scheme. The handles of the bag are done in black, but this contrasts very nicely against the backdrop of the mid-toned purple designs. Here, the horses are colored in tan, brown and grey.

My Little Pumpkin

A wheeled luggage bag is available at My Little Pumpkin from Tyrell Katz. Made of sturdy nylon, this bag comes equipped with a zip closure, a carrying handle and a retractable handle. There's also plenty of pockets, with an interior zipper mesh pocket and a rear zip pocket.

Other styles available here include the:

  • Horse Riding Lunch Tote
  • Horse Riding Beauty Bag
  • Horse Riding Backpack

For Adults

Adults or teens that love the horse printed tapestry style can find rather lovely tote bags at:


At Chicks, the horse on theses bags are quite sophisticated, almost as if they were drawn from a dream; the entire style is flowing in nature. The bag also features embellishments that are very attractive. You'll also find an elegant tote in blue, the design of which is done in almost sweeping motions.

Wild West Living

If you are an adult and are still searching for luggage with the horse motif, then you may not need to look further than Wild West Living. The name truly says it all with this site as various Western theme products are available.

In the luggage department, you'll not only find a large tote bag with lightly colored horses throughout, but you'll also be able to find:

  • Three piece luggage set with horse motif
  • Two piece rolling luggage set with horse motif
  • Western horse tapestry garment bag

There's no denying that horse print luggage is whimsical, yet beautiful. Horse lovers everywhere, from the young to those that are a bit older, can find durable bags that feature this majestic animal.

Horse Print Luggage